Half Orc

Eridus is full of dangerous humanoids that wish to feed on the nomad settlers. Goblins, kobolds, lizardfolk, ogres, and giants all wish to harm the common races and claim their own territory. Even the common people of Eridus know of these races and their intent, there is one race that is not included in the population of Eridus. Orcs have never been known to the common people and have never been seen on the Eridus mainland. So where did the half-orc race come from?

The dwarf island of Jerhelheim is not only inhabited by dwarves, it is also known as Giant Land. The dwarves tell tales of their ancient enemies using gray skinned humanoids as their warriors against them but even on Jerhelheim these bestial humanoids are not common. To the dwarves dismay orcs are the servants of giants and are their enemies.

Orcs have never been seen on the Eridus mainland but the race known as half-orcs have been spreading throughout all the islands. Most half-orcs are mistaken for other species of humanoids. Since they are virtually unknown in these lands people don’t know what to make of them. People accept the fact that there are strange races living among them while others are quick to yell “hobgoblin” and scream for the guards.


Orcs are well known for their lands beyond human civilizations. There have been known to be great orc empires throughout history even though all of them have fallen to the forces of the common races. There has never been a half-orc empire. Half-orcs have never even gathered into a single tribe or clan. They have always been part of human or orc society, never having one of their own.

Half-orcs are slowly starting to appear more readily among the human population. They are a mystery throughout the mainland and some outlying islands. It is still a question where they came from, but one thing is certain, they are here now.


Half-orcs have spotty relations with the population of the Eridus Isles. Most of the time people simply question what they are seeing and generally don’t cause trouble. There are still other people that are more naïve and fear what they see. These are the people that the half-orc must worry about. When fear is a factor, one can be caught in a very bad place and possibly fighting his way out.

Half-orcs don’t necessarily have good relations with any of the common races. It’s safe to say the race doesn’t have bad relations with most of the other races either. They must face the fact that they share the blood of orcs and in so doing they are not liked by the dwarves. There are many half-orcs on the line leading orcs against them in Jerhelheim. In addition, elves see them as savages not much better than orcs themselves.

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