History Of Awlidan

In the beginning, the Before Time was a timeless Age, or maybe no age at all. It was the time of the First Ones as they watch and ponder the cosmos.

Many Ages came and went as life progressed on Awlidan. These are mostly forgotten Ages, lost to all forms of documented history. The Saga begins with the Age of Legends which unknowingly marked the beginning of the end.

After the Cataclysm mankind struggled to survive without gods. The Age of Man was devoid of divine aid of any kind.

Mankind was beginning to build itself back up; empires were starting to form anew. This brought about the Age of Silence, a time of strong faith or total faithlessness.

Towards the end of the Age of Silence the birth of one small child brought great dismay to the world as well as the Heavens.

The future of Awlidan is unclear, but will be written in its chronicles: The Awlidan Saga.

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