The inhabitants of the Hykorras are rigid in their traditions, they believe in the old ways. These hardy warriors and veteran soldiers refuse to bow down to the lure of politics. They also live with the possibility that they may be assaulted by their own family, conquered by those that are counted as allies.

Hykorras is a small province located on the island of Hyperia. The province is located on the farthest northwestern edge of the island. This part of the island is completely covered in dense jungle and harsh terrain. In fact, the terrain itself is part of the province’s protection.


  • +1 bonus to Constitution
  • Gain resist 2 poison (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)
  • When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain a +1 bonus to all rolls made during the extra action granted.

Province Society

The people of Hykorras are different than their brothers and sisters from the other two provinces on the island. They believe in the old ways, before the Empire came. It was a time when the Hyperians were warriors, gladiators, knights, and protectors of the land. Today politics have creped into the minds of many of their kind. This is less true in Hykorras

Hykorras is a land of warriors and soldiers, the true Hyperian. Instead of fighting amongst themselves they believe a frontal assault on the Imperial Castle would solve the problem of the invaders. The one who takes the castle is the one who should be named the new King. Unfortunately they have no backing in this matter, and they are too few in numbers to do it themselves.

Hykorras is not without its lords and politicians. Mayors are chosen by a committee of lords and ladies. They are chosen for their strong leadership qualities instead of their political standing or their wealth. The province is run by mostly Hyperian lords and ladies, but it has other social groups as well. There is a fair amount of Melarians living in the province as well as Elusians and a Kaeparan or two. The strangest is the population of Auristians.

With the history between the two social classes, it would seem that Auristians would be rare. That is not the case here. The Eridus Reunion is an organization dedicated to the well being of Eridus. This organization is run mostly by Auristians and they believe that complete unification can only be accomplished if the two classes learn to work together.

The Lords of Hykorras are at a serious disadvantage. They disagree with the troubles between Hyperia and Hyranbar. This is causing tension between the three provinces or Hyperia, and Hykorras is far outmatched. Their biggest fear is an attack form one of their sister provinces.


Hykorras is one of the smallest provinces of all Eridus. It borders but one other province, Hyperia itself. The land is virtually one big jungle with a lake near its center. The jungle offers the province both commodity and protection.

Serpent’s Eye Jungle: The explorers that found Hyperia mapped its entire surface. They saw that the island had the shape of some great sea serpent. The great lake positioned deep in the jungle looked like the eye of the serpent. The Serpent’s Eye Jungle is a dense wooded area teaming with wild life. Getting lost in this jungle could easily cost an adventurer his life. The thick vegetation of this jungle holds many hidden dangers. This is matched by the numerous beautiful waterfalls found throughout the terrain.

Reptile Lake: This lake is located up in the northwestern region of the island, the head of the serpent. It provides water, fishing and other commodities for the inhabitants of Hykorras. Reptile Lake has its own dangers as well, named for their varieties of lizards and reptiles that live within.

Province Features

Hykorras is populated by some of the hardiest of Hyperians. When Hyperia was first explored, many travelers stayed out of the deep jungle that is the Serpent’s Head. After the Empire took over, the Hyperians migrated to this island to escape the tyranny it brought. At first even the Hyperians neglected the jungle. Eventually, the most strong willed and determined of their kind saw great possibilities within the thick woods.

Thurkor [Large Walled Port City: 22,627]: Thurkor is located on the western edge of the Serpent’s Eye. It is the Capitol of the province and houses a variety of inhabitants. For a long period of time Thurkor was the only settlement within Hykorras and it grew rather quickly. The walls are high and the structures within are mostly wood reinforced for high durability. The roofs are peaked and thatched to fight off the heavy rains that blanket the jungle. The eastern border of the city is a huge port. Much of the docks are built out above the water; even some of the shops, warehouses, and inns, being supported by thick wooden stilts. Thurkor houses many of the lords of Hykorras, and it hosts the main branch of the Eridus Reunion organization.

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