Hyperia is known as the Royal fields. It is home to the Haetheryns, the Royal Family of the Hyperians. They believe they are the rightful rulers of Eridus, always have been and always will be. Unfortunately today they do not have the strength to claim their throne and now they vie for power against their own people, caught in a power struggle with their own neighbors.

Far to the northeast of Eridus is a large, curved island. This island was once known as the isle of the Serpent. It is one of the largest islands surrounding the mainland. The Isle of the Serpent, now known as Hyperia, has a variety of terrain to support its inhabitants. The head is a dense jungle, its bite deadly as any serpent. Its body is sleek, plush grassland with fine, fertile round. Its tail begins as a rough hily terrain and ends at the tip with a small wooded area.


  • +1 bonus to Strength
  • You may add Acrobatics and Athletics to your class skill list and
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all Acrobatics and Athletics checks.
  • You gain 1 additional Healing Surge

Province Society

Hyperia is a land built on the backs of hardened soldiers. It is a place where honor is found in battle, and it is won through strength. Hyperians are not uncivilized, but they believe in their strength and their battle prowess. Many disagreements have been settled through combat, and the trial need not always be to the death. The people of Hyperia believe strongly in the honor and justice of battle, not the dishonor of senseless killing.

Hyperia is the home of the founding members of Hyperian society, the Haetheryns. These specific Hyperians are considered the Royal Family. The first leader of the Hyperians was Queen Aelari Hatheryn. She was beautiful, intelligent, and had the temper of a mad bull. She ruled her people with a kind heart and a stern fist. She was beloved by all Hyperians, even those that took a darker path. Throughout Hyperian history the leadership of the Royal Family has been passed to a female, one specifically chosen by the current Queen.

In the past, it was the Royal Family that decided who would go after the throne. It was not always a member of the Family that sat on the throne of Eridus when a Hyperian was its King. This was decided through a tournament of battle, and the Family chose the contestants. The Family has always demanded respect from all Hyperians, but even they fall behind the King of Eridus no matter who he was before his ascension.

Land ownership is established in a different way than the right to the Throne of Eridus. When a family already owns a piece of land or an establishment as the case may be, that property is passed down through the family bloodline until it is sold or a family member no longer lives to inherit it. If a piece of property becomes open and has no owner, the closest families to that property can lay claim to it. For example, if a family living on a piece of land suddenly dies and leaves no heir, the families bordering the land can lay a claim to it. If more than one family claims the land, a right of combat is issued and they fight for it. These fights, and the tournament for the Throne, are never to death and rarely have a fatality.

The people of Hyperia are an honorable lot and live by a strict code of conduct. Most of them are easy going and willing to give some form of greeting to just about anyone they meet. It is in their nature to be polite and forthcoming, even to strangers, until the time comes to put away such pleasantries. When a Hyperian is wronged in any way they have long memories and a vengeful spirit. In some circles Hyperians have been described as having the manners of an elf and the bullheadedness of a dwarf.

Things were as peaceful as could be in a warrior based society. That all changed when the Empire pulled out most of its troops. Today the island of Hyperia is split into several factions. The different houses fight for allies and try to discredit their enemies, much like the loathsome Auristians. The Royal Family is losing their power over their subjects. Now their biggest problems come from another family fighting for the right to choose the next king.


Hyperia is the largest province of the island of the same name. It covers the entire central body of the Serpent. Starting at the neck, it shares a border with the newest province of Hykorras. The region stretches around the body of the serpent and shares its eastern border with its archenemy Hyranbar. Controlling the plush resources of the plains and the abundant resources of the jungle, Hyperia is still the strongest of the Hyperian lands.

Aelari’s Plains: Near the jungle to the west the plains are high grassland. Rich soil causes the grass to grow quickly and provides rich nutrients to the animals that graze there. The plains were named after the first Queen of Hyperia, Aelari Haetheryn. It was said the queen’s favorite past time as a child was running through these grassy flatlands.

The Hyperain Steppes: Near the center of Hyperia the land is mostly flat. Its rich soil makes farming very easy and provides most of the islands food resources. Towards the eastern border, the plains are made up of rolling grassy hills. The hills make farming a chore, but the land is fertile for herding.

Aelari’s Lake: Queen Aelari was a beloved leader by all Hyperians. She was as kind and generous as any woman could be, but she had the fighting spirit of any man. There was no question about naming this lake after their greatest leader. The lake is a good spot for fishing and is a good watering hole for the surrounding farms and their herds.

Province Features

The plains of Hyperia were an obvious first choice for settlement. The plains were vast and the soil was rich. The farming life didn’t come easy to the stern warrior ways of the Hyperians, but they adapted and the land flourished. It is not just the sheer size of Hyperia that gives it its population. The plains that make up most of the province are an excellent draw for settlers. The largest concentration of Hyperians is here in Hyperia.

**Hikiran [Large Walled Port City: 20,385]: The Capitol city of Hyperia is still the most magnificent city of the entire island. It is located on the southern shore, near the belly of the Serpent. When the Hyperians first came, this was the very spot they landed. Their new lie began here and the city of Hikiran was born from their hard work. The city is completely walled off. Even the port is a separate district from the city itself. The docks are filled with inns, taverns, and mostly warehouse space for receiving and shipping goods. The city entrances are well guarded by great reinforced gates and each one includes a portcullis of iron, the entrance from the port is no different. In the center of the city is the Royal Manor, a magnificent mansion that houses the Royal Family.

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