Hyranbar is the testament to the ruination of rulership by political intrigue and power. Once a great people, defenders of Eridus, the Hyperians are now separated into powerful families fighting over who will rule the lands. This civil war is conducted through political manipulation as the more powerful families plot and scheme to gain allies in the lesser families. All this is done before their enemy has even vacated the Throne. They fight not as Hyperians, but as Auristians.

Hyranbar is located on the Isle of the Serpent, now known as Hyperia by the new inhabitants. It covers the southeastern portion of the island, known as the Tail of the Serpent. It is mostly rough hills but there are some plains to the north near the border and some woodland at the very tip of the island.


  • +1 bonus to Wisdom
  • You may add Diplomacy to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy checks
  • +1 bonus to Initiative checks

Province Society

Hyranbar is governed by the Hyrkhan family much in the same way that the Haetheryn family, the Royal Family, runs Hyperia. The ways of Hyperia have not gone from Hyranbar society. The Hyrkhans still hold true to all the traditional ways they have always known.

The people that live here are strong willed and believe strongly in the release of Eridus from the grip of the Empire. They believe they are the ones that can accomplish what the Haetheryns were unable to do. The Hyrkhans believe they can provide a new King that will return Eridus to its former glory.

Like Hyperia, Hyranbar is governed by a leading family. It too is run by a leading lady, Queen Lyria Hyrkhan. Land ownership is controlled in the same way, by strength and tournament bidding. They also strictly adhere to the Hyperian Code that has been passed down through generations.

The leaders of Hyranbar settlements are chosen through the act of combat. The Hyranbar Royal Family chooses the combatants. These choices are not made lightly. It would be considered a dishonor if an unworthy candidate gained leadership. They are chosen not only for their ability to fight, but also for their ability to negotiate and lead their subordinates.

In Hyranbar, when a land owner dies, control of the land reverts to the local lord of the area. The surviving family does not automatically gain control. A surviving member must enter the Land Contest to fight for the right to control the land. In addition, Hyranbar law allows the local lord to petition for the land as well. The local lord may enter a champion or the lord may enter himself.


Hyranbar is not very big in comparison to the province of Hyperia. It is only a little over a hundred miles from the northern border to the southern tip, but it is no more than 20 to 30 miles at its widest point. The province is covered by mostly rough terrain. Most of it is rough, hilly and at its southern most point it’s covered in a heavy wooded area.

Hunter’s Woods: The Hunter’s Woods is a small wooded area at the southern tip of Hyranbar. It is filled with predatory animals and deadly surprises. It gets its name from the dangers found within. Visitors to these woods are either hunters or they are the hunted.

The Hyperian Steppes: At the northern border of Hyranbar is a small section of plains. It is the province’s only source of farmland. With the conflict between Hyranbar and Hyperia, trade is minimal. This small strip of flatland strains to keep up with the food demands of its mother province.

Silver Spear Hills: The hills are the main source of commerce in the province. The hills of Hyranbar are rich with ore both mundane and precious. Its greatest source of metal is its silver mines. They provide a great deal of trade to the province and supports and funds much of the business throughout the region.

Copper Lake: This lake is quite famous to the entire island of Hyperia. When the sun sets on the lake, the water gives off a light brownish color. When the cool breeze ripples across its surface, the lake gives off a coppery sparkle. It is unknown why this phenomenon happens. During the day it is as clear as any other lake or river on the island.

Province Features

Hyranbar is only sparsely populated. Its inhabitants are few and far between. The settlements are spread thin around the province and the hills make travel very difficult. The largest populated area of Hyranbar is the woods to the south. The capitol of the region is located within the woods and a small supporting town is north of that.

Bazarel [Large Walled City: 14,496]: This large city is home to the Royal Family of Hyranbar, the Hyrkhans. In addition to them, many of their supporters have taken up residents in this well defended and walled city. The city has a rich feel with well built structures, monuments to the future leaders of Eridus. The city is decorated with gardens and parks and some areas are trimmed with copper and silver. It is truly a magnificent city, and the people that live here reflect that fact. The people here are seen as distant, almost to the effect of being rude, even to their own neighbors.

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