Island Of Whispers

The Island of Whispers lies among the many islands that are scattered throughout the Broken Bay. It is one of the few islands there that is known among the inhabitants of Eridus and is considered part of the kingdom, or Empire. Most of the islands in the Bay are untamed or uninhabited, but there are a few like the Whispers that have been settled.

The Isle of Whispers is along island that curves like a hook. On most geographical maps it is portrayed as a fishhook or similar object. It is located among the larger islands of the Broken Bay near its center. It is part of a chain of islands formed between the Eridus mainland and the island of Dyrathan.


  • +1 bonus to Intelligence
  • You know one additional starting language of your choice
  • You may add Arcana and History to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all Arcana and History checks
  • You may reroll one Arcana check per day, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse

Island of Whispers Society

The Island of Whispers is part of a chain of islands plagued with voices on the wind. The voices running on the air are rarely coherent enough to understand what they are saying. It is more like listening to a cool breeze even though there is no wind.

The inhabitants of te island have three small settlements on the island. These settlements are quite successful. Part of their success lies in the fact they are on the Broken Bay itself. Even though captains avoid the island of the Seven Whispers, they still sail the Broken Bay to and from Dyrathan Island. This brings them close to the Isle of Whispers and this creates trade for those living there.

The settlers of the Isle of Whispers have learned to live with the voices on the wind. Since the voices are typically too soft to understand exactly what they are saying, those that live on the island cannot fall victim to whatever they are talking about. Even if they mean ill will to the inhabitants of the island, there have been no accounts of people being able to hear what they are saying.

Some soothsayers and druids believe they are voices from the gods trying to give them direction. All of the settlements on the island have at least one soothsayer and they are a respected part of the community.


Even though the island is small there is a variety of terrain found on it. Mountains cover the northern point of the island followed by a group of hills to the south. The hills give way to a small spot of plains at the center of the island. Beyond the plains, as the island begins to curve to the west, there is a large wooded area. The rest of the island, to its western point, a jungle covers its surface.

Whispering Jungle: There have been countless stories about the Whispering Jungle. It can be quite an adventure to travel through these woods. The area is alive to the point it feels like the very trees talk. This is not unheard of since druids claim this on a regular basis, but when a merchant comes into town rattling on a bout how the voices in the trees keep him from getting lost people start wondering about the traveler’s health. There does not seem to be precedence to who hears the voices. Most people report the same account; they have never caused harm to an individual traveling through the jungle.

Jagged Tooth Peaks: These mountains can be found on all the islands of the Isles of Seven Whispers. ON the Island of Whispers itself they cover the northern portion of the island. They provide building materials for the inhabitants as well as raw ore for crafting. The mountains have never been a true threat to the settlers of the island but there are dangerous creatures that call them home. Most of these creatures are native to all mountain regions and with simple caution they can be avoided.

Island Features

The Island of Whispers is the most populated island of the chain. With the island being closer to the Broken Bay, they see more trade than the other islands. The settlements here have grown and prospered quite well over the years. Rather than be afraid of the voices, they see them more as guidance from a higher power.

Lyeang [Small Port Town: 1,809]: Lyeang is the largest settlement on the island. This surprises most visitors since it wasn’t the first community started on the island. The settlers here moved up to the northern point from Namo, the first settlement. This took them from the main trade route but they still seemed to thrive and expand. They are now the lead mining community and supply many types of minerals and raw ore to the rest of the island.

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