Jehgaran is the largest portion of the dwarven island of Jerhelheim. Though the dwarves do not consider themselves part of the Eridus isles, nor do they adhere to any laws and regulations set forth by any of the land’s rulers, the population at large sees a split island with two distinct provinces. Jehgaran houses all of the common races in various degrees but the highest population is still the original occupants of the island. The dwarves and the giant races have been at war with each for as long as anyone can remember.

The province of Jehgaran is located on the island of Jerhelheim. It is known for its rocky landscape and rough terrain. It has the largest mountain range of all of the Eridus Isles. Its hills are rough and sparsely vegetated. In the southern most region of the province is a large jungle. It has light vegetation compared to most jungles but even its surface is filled with rocky fords and uneven ground.


  • +1 bonus to Constitution
  • Add Dwarven to your list of known languages
  • You may add Dungeoneering and Endurance to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all Dungeoneering and Endurance checks

Province Society

Jehelheim is the island of giants, literally. The entire island is home to creatures and humanoids of large size or greater. The provinces that are located on the island are scarcely populated by smaller species. Among the giant races, living deep within the lands earthly coils, the dwarves make this island their home. The mortal enemies of the giants, the dwarves refuse to let the giants have the land to themselves. Even though they live underground in their deep earth cities, they resurface on a regular basis to wreak havoc on the larger races. Their battles are legendary and war is everlasting.

Those that live above ground are usually found in well fortified settlements. There are a few cities above ground but they are few and far between. These settlements are home to a mixture of races but are usually all of the common variety. Once can find humans, goliaths, gnomes, and even dwarves living in these places. There is even an occasional elf hidden away within the walls of these cities.

Jehgaran is run by the Lord of Stoneforge. The magnificent city was the first city built above ground in the province so it stands to reason that it would be its Capitol. It is run by a goliath and the title is usually handed down to an heir. This lord runs the province as a governor instead of a monarch. It is the governor’s responsibility to name the mayors of the settlements within Jehgaran.


The land of the giants is a large island made up of mostly high ground. The northern shore is blocked off by a massive mountain range that spans its entire length. Within the northern most range lives an active volcano. It blankets the island with black smoke, covering it with a canopy of shadow. South of the mountain range is a thin rage of hills and beyond that is a high jungle. Jehgaran is filled with rugged terrain making it difficult, if not hazardous, to live in.

Garandust Mountains: The Garandust is some of the most dangerous mountains in all of Eridus. Many o the most powerful creatures in the area call this impassable terrain home. These mountains harbor giants of all types, trolls, and even dragons. The active volcano makes it a breeding ground for those creatures that enjoy the hot temperatures like the clan of fire giants that live there. Only the hardiest of the races will venture into these massive peaks.

Shortrock Hills: The inhabitants of Jehgaran see these hills as a mere extension of the Garandust. Of course the lower intelligent species call it Shortrock for they see the hills as merely short mountains. There are rumors of a young metallic dragon living in these hills preying on the smaller, dumber giant races found here. Eye witnesses say they only saw glimpses and cannot say for sure what type of dragon it is. The smaller inhabitants of Jehgaran believe it to be a guardian of the hills.

Stonetree Jungle: Stonetree grows on the lowest point of the province of Jehgaran. It is located on the far southern portion of the region, extending down to meet the shore line. It may be wooded terrain, but it is still growing on high ground compared to the plains to the west and the terrain is broken, uneven, and jagged. The ravines found in this jungle are quick to snatch up unwary travelers and they are treacherous.

Richstone Lake: This lake is located on the edge of the Shortrock Hills near Stoneforge. The lake has an orange-brown coloration that never clears up. Scholars say the lake is so rich in mineral deposits that its color has permanently changed to reflect this phenomenon. These tales draw many miners and prospectors to the lake looking for their fortune. Some are left empty handed, finding only a grizzly end.

Province Features

Jehgaran is heavily populated, but only if you consider the uncommon inhabitants of the province. This province is seen for its giant species rather than any other race that resides here. The few settlements found on this part of the island are cesspools for many different races. They have learned to band together to survive what walks outside the walls.

Stoneforge [Large Walled City: 16,370]: This is the single largest settlement in Jehgaran. It might be considered the Capitol of the province, but the larger races don’t see it that way. Stoneforge was crafted by the masterful hands of the dwarves themselves. The structures are mostly made of stone and each one seems to meld into the tapestry that is the city itself. Most of the inhabitants that live here are either goliaths or dwarves living above ground for one reason or another. Other races can be found living here, but to a much lesser degree. Some gnomes have found a home here for their work since the area is rich with minerals and other materials. Even some humans have found a place here, those brave enough to stomach what surrounds them.

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