Jehgaran is the small boot tip of the island and has the smallest portion of mountain and hilly terrain. Unfortunately this doesn’t make any more inviting to travelers. The island of Jerhelheim is known as the Dwarven Isle, but the actual name comes from the Giant language and loosely translates to common as Giant Land. That said it has the largest population of outside races including elf, halfling, dragonborn, and yes of course humans. These outsider races are rumored to be of a greater population than the original inhabitants of the island.

Jeranhall is the second province located on the island of Jerhelheim. It covers the western half of the island in its entirety. Like its sister province, Jehgaran, it is known for its rough terrain. Its northern border is blocked by a high mountain range with a bit of hills to the south them. Beyond the mountains and hills is a thin spread of jungle ranging from the eastern border and coming to a point on the western shore at the Capitol city of Earthhome. Along the southern shore, past the jungle area is a stretch of plains. Even they are filled with jutting rocks and rough terrain.


  • +1 bonus to Constitution
  • Add Dwarven to your list of known languages
  • Gain resist 2 thunder (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)

Province Society

The inhabitants of Jeranhall struggle to survive in a land where only the strong endure. The land itself tends to fight the denizens of the province. It is rough and very difficult to manage. The jungle is full of surprises with its hidden crags, fissures, and drop-offs. The plains are mostly rough and filled with rocky protrusions. The soil itself is not very fertile, making it difficult to farm it or to raise cattle.

The most dangerous of terrain in Jeranhall is its mountains. The mountains are filled with minerals and precious metals and therefore are a miner’s paradise. Even though the mountains bring wealth and materials, it is still a risky place to work and travel. The mountains are home to many different species of giant races. Most of which are not hospitable to the smaller races, especially to the dwarves.

There is literally no place within Jeranhall where there is peace and tranquility. The mountains are home to the largest of the giant races. The hills and jungles have their own giant species roaming the terrain. The plains are the only terrain that has only sparse giant races living amongst the land, although that doesn’t stop the giant races of the jungle and the higher mountains from raiding the plains for supplies.

The province isn’t run by a central government. There are too many dangers for any single organization or government to worry about the entire land. Instead, the individual settlements are their own city-states. Each of the city-states chooses a high lord or governor to run the settlement. In turn, the governor has an assistant normally seen as the mayor. The government structure branches out from there.

The governor stays in office until he decides to retire, in which he chooses a successor. The new governor has the right to choose a new mayor or keep the current one. In fact, the governor has the power to replace any or all government officials under him.

The settlements of Jeranhall have much to worry about from beyond their walls. For this very reason, most of the time the gates are found closed. Sometimes this sends an unintentional message to travelers that strangers are not welcome or not wanted. The truth is quite the opposite. The settlers of Jeranhall have too much to worry about from the giants; they typically don’t see strangers as a threat. New comers are treated with a hearty smile and friendly gestures.


Jeranhall is smaller than Jehgaran but the land is no less treacherous or difficult. Its mountain range is full of high peaks that block the northern shore. Only the most experienced survivalists traverse this rugged terrain. Unlike Jehgaran, there is very little space taken by hills. The jungle to the south actually rides the southern border of the mountains in some areas. This province is also the only part of the island that has grassland, although, even this land is rough and hilly and almost impossible to work and farm.

Fallen Grasslands: These plains are the lowest point of the island. The grasslands are filled with rocky hills and rough edges. If it had anymore high areas than it does it might actually be hills instead of plains. The giant races of the island consider the Fallen Grasslands to be simply mountains that have fallen or were crushed by the gods. The ground is hard, making farming difficult and won’t support a large herd for very long.

Jehgan Mountains: this is the mountain range that covers the northern shore. It goes from the eastern border along the north shore to the west coast. These mountains are home to many of the smaller giant species. The most common inhabitants are trolls, ogres, and possibly some earth giants. All of which prey upon the smaller races that enter their territory.

Redlake Hills: Near the eastern border of Jeranhall is a small spot of hills between the mountains and the jungle. These hills are called Redlake Hills for the large lake near its center. The hills have a series of caves that harbor ogres, trolls, and other giant races.

Rockarm Hills: This is a small spot of hills on the west coast, just north of the city of Earthhome. It is ruled by the Rocksmasher Clan, the largest ogre clan on the island of Jerhelheim. Their close proximity to Earthhome makes them a major threat to the people that live there.

Rockleaf Jungle: Just like everything else on this island, this jungle is named for its tough terrain and its difficulty of surviving here. In addition, the vegetation in this part of the jungle grows very large. The phenomenon has yet to be explained. The jungle has been known to harbor some large creatures mulling about as well as the smaller troll species.

Aran Lake: Aran Lake is located near the southern coast very close to the eastern border. Its crystal blue waters are an excellent water supply for everyone that lives in the eastern portion of the province. It has proven to be a great fishing hole for the settlers in the city nearby. Caution must be maintained since there are many large species of creatures living even in these waters.

Red Lake: Red Lake is so named for its ruby red hue rather than the crystal blue of normal water. It is unknown why the water has this strange coloration. There is no evidence of excessive minerals being in the water. When the sun goes down the water starts to turn an eerie orange, and finally a deep blood red.

Province Features

At first glance Jeranhall seems to be more heavily populated. On closer inspection the truth is revealed. There may be more settlements within the province, but there are less people found in them. It is virtually impossible and far too dangerous to settle outside the cities, therefore, all the inhabitants of the province are within city walls.

Earthhome [Large Walled Port City: 14,671]: Earthhome is the second largest city on the entire island. It is the port city that deals with traffic from all over Eridus. When new comers arrive to Jerhelheim, they usually stop here. Earthhome is well defended and has sound defenses. Like Stoneforge in Jehgaran, it was built by the helping hands of the dwarves themselves. Both goliaths and dwarves inhabit the port city but its greatest population is derived from the many other common races that have come to fame, fortune, and glory here in the Giant Lands. The workmanship of the dwarves are prized by every other race. With travelers seeking this dwarven craftsmanship, more and more people began settling here in the city, despite the dangers that lurk outside.

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