• Player: Enoch
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Class: Invoker (Wrathful)
  • Level: 4th
  • Homeland: Jeranhall

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Standard
Implement: Rod of Hope Triumphant +1
Armor: Standard
Neck: Standard


Kairn wears a torn, ragged, and not quite white robe of simple design. Over it he wears an immaculate set of chainmail that goes down to his knees, and splits near the groin. On his belt is a simple warhammer and an odd looking rod. His hair is a deep black and usually unkempt and frizzy. His beard is kept thin with leather straps until the end wear it bushes out.


Kairn is weird. He is a fanatic of Moradin and believes he can speak to him personally.


  • Food: Goat meat.
  • Drink: Dwarven ale or whiskey.
  • Drunk: Dwarven ale or whiskey.
  • Animal: Goats.
  • Color: Brown, black, and orangish red.


  • Food: Poultry and fish.
  • Drink: Water.
  • Drank: Not Dwarven ale or whiskey.
  • Animal: Birds.
  • Color: White.


Family: His father Earl is a blacksmith. His oldest brother is a blacksmith. His second to oldest brother is a guard. He is the youngest child. He has no occupation. His mom is a dwarf.

Friends: Moradin. Dwarves.

Reputation: The clergy of Moradin (at least those who have heard of him) dislike Kairn. They do not believe he has any grace with Moradin. Other dwarves like him fine enough, as long as he doesn't hang around them too much. Most non-dwarves can't tell he's odd, to them, he's just a dwarf.

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