You're an Eladrin!

The land around them finally flattened out making travel a bit easier. Even though many of his companions were still trying to catch their breath, Kebi Dabu was skipping along like a child with barely a problem.

As Kebi Dabu went on ahead a little bit and was smelling the wildflowers, Lysandros couldn't help but again wonder why an Eladrin would deny his heritage.

Almost as if he could sense Lysandros looking at him, Kebi Dabu turned and smiled his childish smile. Skipping over and taking up a pace next to him Kebi offered him a flower.

"No thanks." Lysandros said.

With a quizzical look Kebi asked, "What's the matter? I thought you Eladrin like nature too."

"You know, you're an Eladrin too." Lysandros replied in a curt tone.

Almost confused, Kebi replied "No I'm not. I'm human. It's plain as day that I'm human. Your eyes getting bad?"

"Whatever." Lysandros had been round this subject many times before and still couldn't help getting frustrated with his clearly insane companion.

After a short time of silence Kebi pulled out his book and started mumbling and writing as he walked. It wasn't long before ink smudges were blotting his face in the usual manner. For all his apparent inattentiveness one had to give him credit for being able to hold a cantrip steady while walking and deftly avoiding any missteps. Then again, he did this all the time.

Suddenly Lysandros turned to Kebi with an inquisitive look, "What did you say?"

"Huh? Oh, about what?"

"What was that you said about Armadel?"

"Oh, I was just trying to remember what he said about the nature of a certain sigil for the use of trapping or holding at bay powerful demons and devils. I think that part of that spell could be used to enhance the potency of certain other spells and effects, but it's a difficult formula to work out." Kebi then went back to his writing and puzzling.

"You mean you've read a copy of the 'Grimoire of Armadel'?" Lysandros asked, almost shocked.

Kebi looked up and right into Lysandros' eyes, "No. I talked to him about it though. He enjoyed my enthusiasm, though his work was - and is - still far above my level of experience."

"But Armadel dissappeared from Eridus some 200 years ago! How could you have talked to him?" Lysandros blurted, clearly not believing Kebi.

With a shrug Kebi said, "I knew him after that. He was actually captured and forced to teach his theories and magic to the Master." Kebi shivered at some distant thought, then continued "He refused at first…that was bad for him…"

"Wait," Lysandros interjected, "if you knew him 200 years ago, then you would have to be pretty old. Much older than a human can live. See?! You must be an Eladrin! There's your proof!"

"Pffftt…" came the sound as Kebi dismissidly waved his hand at Lysandros, "the Master was human also and he's older than me. He hasn't aged a day in as long as I knew him."

Suddenly Kebi snapped his book shut, put his things back in his pack, and skipped off chasing a butterfly.

Lysandros stood silent and still for a moment, dumbstruck by what he just heard.

"Something wrong?" came Bagheera's low, growling voice.

Shaking himself out of his daze Lysandros came to his senses, "No, nothings wrong…"

Lysandros took his place back in the party and they all continued towards their destination.

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