It's in the blood!

The proper forms had all been drawn and now the ritual chanting came to a crescendo. As the final syllable was uttered the body was bathed in light and a small rumbling could be heard.

“Come forth…” said the priest, “…and return to the world of life!”

Suddenly the body heaved up and took a deep breath. Eyes opened to reveal opalescent orbs of green. The priest started a bit at that as he had thought that this strange scarred person had been a human.

Even stranger was the fact that the eyes of this person – this Eladrin – all of a sudden changed color from green to yellow! The priest had never seen anything like it!

“Aaaghhh!!!” came the frightened shriek of the strange man as he jumped back and away.

“Please calm yourself. You are safe in Pelor’s embrace my son” the priest said as he tried to calm his disoriented charge.

“Wh-wh-where am I? What’s going on?” asked the strange Eladrin.

“You are in the temple of Pelor in Skulldrop. Your friends brought you here after you fell in battle. They paid a hefty amount to have your life restored to you. The feral man with the long beard – Bagheera I think his name was – insisted you be restored first and foremost.”

As the priest finished his tale and the Eladrin relaxed a bit his eyes again changed color – this time to blue. And then he spoke in his high-pitched voice, “Bagheera said that? Really?”

Still quite astonished by his color changing eyes the priest was slow to reply, “…Yes he did. He said you were part of his ‘pack’ or some such. How is that your eyes…”

The priest was cut off abruptly as the Eladrin rushed forward and hugged him so hard he lost his breath. “Yay! I’m part of the pack! Haha!”

Then he suddenly stopped, let go, and looked at the priest with an intense gaze of green. “Did you hear the noise?” he asked.

“What noise?” said the priest now slightly confused.

“I saw it…I felt it too. It’s there. It’s right there. How come I missed something so simple? Well no time for the past, only the future. Now that I know it’s there I’ll be able to figure it out…”

The priest was even more confused by the second. It seemed the Eladrin was talking to himself…and other imaginary beings. It was clear that his companions were not lying about this one’s insanity.

Still curious about the whole of his babbling the priest asked the question, “What is it that you are talking about, my son?”

The strange man jumped as if startled when the priest spoke then looked at him with his head slightly cocked, “Oh, what? I thought you knew. It’s in the blood. It’s all there… ‘Bound in blood you may find it. Bound in blood you may write it. Bound in blood the whole world turns…” He turned around and twirled around at this part as if mimicking his words, “…Bound in blood the planes converge.’ It’s so simple.” He smiled then. It was the smile of a child who just did well on a test at school.

The priest was truly baffled by this strange poem. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“It’s from the last pages in High Archmage Magnus’ diary. Most people think it’s a poem of his view of the world and the planes since he became increasingly disgusted with the wars of men at the end of his life. But it’s not! Hah! I figured it out! I figured it out! I figured it out!”

And then, amid his strange victory dance, he snatched up his stuff and dashed out of the ritual room yelling about having to tell ‘them’ what he found out.

Still slightly stunned from the experience and drained from the ritual the priest shook his head a bit, “Pelor, bless that strange man and help him find the healing he needs.”

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