Ewww...That's Gross.

The group was again engaging in their post-battle rituals - Lysandros tended to Rhinox's wounds while helping Dashiell detect magic, Thorgan stayed vigilant for further threats and checked his map, Prometheus and Mariska searched the bodies for money, and Donner kept a wary eye on Kebi Dabu as he was doing something quite different than usual.

Kebi knelt over a corpse of one of the foul Trolls and, after pulling out an empty vial, began filling it with blood from the fallen enemy.

"Ewww….That's Gross." commented Mariska as she searched one of the dead nearby for valuables. "Why are you doing that?"

"Oh it's not THAT gross. And I'm collecting blood for research. Magic stuff. You wouldn't understand such things." came Kebi's reply.

"What possible research could you do with blood?"

Kebi was still focused on his work and replied without looking up, "It's kind of like pondering the mysteries of the universe. But on a smaller scale of focus and with the larger question still at hand. I figured part of the puzzle out while dead. Now I have to finish it by figuring out the other pieces."

Mariska looked up quizzically, "What puzzle are you talking about? And how did you figure something out while dead?"

Before Kebi could answer that question Donner spoke up. "Because he's a GHOST! Evil ghost thingie…" Donner clutched his greataxe close and absently made small swinging motions in Kebi's direction.

"Pffft. I told you I'm not a ghost Donner. Jeez."

"Yeah, that's exactly what a ghost would say if he was trying to get close to me and STEAL MY SOUL!!! You stay away from me ghost!" Donner shot a menacing glare at Kebi.

Choosing to ignore Donner, Kebi continued, "Well it might be part of my magical ability as well as … plus all the magical knowledge that I already have combined with … and then the unique influx of magical energy that pulled me back from death that made me understand. It's all in the blood!"

Mariska only understood some of what the crazed Eladrin was saying. She had no talent for magic or any such things. But Prometheus did know about such things and had been listening intently as he often did.

"So is that why you've been using that dagger I gave you to cut yourself during battle?" asked the Halfling sorcerer.

Kebi nodded. "It is. I'm trying to use the power inherent in my own blood to power my spells more. I can tell that there is some extra power there, but I haven't been able to fully tap into it yet. That's why I'm gathering blood! So that I can continue my research and figure it all out!"

"Hey Kebi…" Lysandros motioned for Kebi to come over to him, "Hey, we need some help with identifying some of these items. Can you…?"

"Sure! Anything for my friends!" Kebi skipped over to where Lysandros and Dashiell were at with some shiny new items.

Donner gripped his greataxe tight and made a semi-threatening gesture while taking a wary step away from Kebi as he skipped by him. "I'm not friends with you ghost! You stay away!"

Kebi just beamed a smile at the big Goliath and continued on his merry way. Everyone continued with their tasks and shortly they were on their way, continuing their adventure to save the villagers and be heroes once again.

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