Keep Of Sea And Sky

Orcs at the gate? Orcs have never been seen in this part of Eridus; in fact, they only come from the dwarven island, Jerhelheim. What are orcs doing this far north, and in the service of a young blue dragon? These are the questions the heroes had to answer when they returned from their last adventure in the hills.

A young blue dragon known as Minaxerate gained the services of a large number of orcs. She used them to attack Skulldrop, a test for the orcs to see their prowess. The young blue dragon had other things in her service as well. She had dragonspawn, something else beyond her power.

A liaison of an unknown master came to Minaxerate and offered her a proposition. This liaison was known as a Dragon Disciple and was found with a red shard in his chest. Unfortunately, who his master was and what the proposition was is still a mystery. Whatever the deal was, it was enough to get a young blue dragon to attack a well defended Fort, one that has never fallen to any force before. It cost the dragon her life.

It is safe to say, whoever the Dragon Disciple’s master is, still has plans uncovered, and they still may include Skulldrop or even all of Mentiel.

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