King Raus Rathhardtsen

King Raus is dressed in fine silk, royal garb of black and brown, the colors of Mentiel. He looks like a man that has seen many hard years. His thick hair is going gray and his beard appears shaggy. His eyes are wild with rings around them and bags hanging below them. His skin droops on his face, as if he has lost a lot of weight recently. He does appear to be a thin man, nothing like the warrior breeds the Rathhardtsens are suppose to be. His eyes drift off at times, as if looking beyond you at nothing.

King Raus was once an outstanding member of the Rathhardtsen family both in stature and in appearance. He stands over 6 feet tall and was once a handsome man with black hair and a trimmed beard. His eyes were a fiery brown. Today his hair has grown thick and is starting to turn white, early by most people’s standards. His beard is still kept short but it has become shaggy. His eyes have gathered a few wrinkles as well as some bags. His lack of nourishment has caused him to lose weight and made him weak. He is obviously not the broad shouldered man he once was.

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