Laertes The Swordsman
  • Player: Enoch
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Rogue (Artful Dodger)
  • Level: 4th
  • Homeland: Maritus

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Standard
Armor: +1 serpent skin leather armor
Neck: Standard


Laertes usually wears a coat over a simple shirt. Colors tend towards the cooler of the spectrum. His normal outfit is a dark blue coat with light blue lining and either a white or green shirt. He wears loose pants that allow maximum range of movement. These tend to match his coat. Patterns include abstract floral or knot work. While his clothes are usually clean, they tend to vary in their amount of wrinkles. He wears jewelry most of the time including a wide small gauge earring in his right ear and a simple pendant.



  • Food: Seafood is his absolute favorite.
  • Drink: Water or strong tea.
  • Drunk: Strong ale or hard liquor.
  • Animal: Raccoons… they’re cute and mischievous. Much like him.
  • Color: Blue, like the ocean.


  • Food: Turnips, radishes, and other bitter roots.
  • Drink: Milk, it upsets his stomach.
  • Drank: Wine, he can’t drink it without laughing at the snootiness in his past.
  • Animal: Cats…man are they haughty.
  • Color: Pink (of course, he’s a manly man) unless found on a flower (kind of).

Food: While not as picky as some nobles (especially those who spend more time in the cities than in their holdings), Laertes does appreciate a well cooked and liberally spiced meal. He will try anything once, but as decided that some food is just disgusting (turnips, snails and other limbless creatures, and anything with black pepper). Roughing it is enjoyable to him now and then, but too much can make him cranky.


Laertes has done some stupid things in his quest for the next big thing. He has caused large scale panic in the streets, caused buildings to collapse, even once managed to light a fishing boat on fire (boy was that a night), but he has always been able to find forgiveness, or at least a thin amount of leniency. After all of that, it finally took him doing something right to break the proverbial straw.

One night out on the town Laertes witnessed three noble young men slumming it in some of the poorer bars. They were being very antagonistic and eventually began to harass and molest one of the barmaids. Laertes grew angry at these three boys who represented everything he rebelled against. He slammed his hand on his table and challenged all three of them to a duel. At once.

The duel was fast but brutal. Laertes suffered a slash across his face, but managed to seriously injure one, deliver a flesh wound to another, and killed the last one. Knowing he had no ground to stand on to defend himself and that the two surviving boys would be believed over him and any of the commoners in the tavern, Laertes fled.

Now he travels the land, getting odd jobs (usually involving his rapier), and generally keeping low.



Lord Roderick Garamon (Father): Laertes’ father is a minor noble with two manors in Maritus. His father was a soldier who struggled his way up through the ranks and through heroic service was granted a aristocratic title. Roderick has worked hard on expanding the meager holdings of the Garamon family. He has done well nearly tripling the wealth of the family, but the Garamon family is still seen in disdain by the older families.

Roderick does not think often of Laertes, but still enjoys and appreciates the time he spent in the new estate sailing with his son. Age: 42

Lady Gabriel Garamon (Mother): Gabriel was the daughter of a wealthy merchant family, and her marriage arranged with Roderick. The Syndius family saw great benefit in joining with a noble family, even if they were a minor one. Gabriel is a quiet woman, her mother brought her up to be polite and womanly. Her timidness combined with Roderick’s disinterest is part of the reason Laertes grew so wild. Age: 38

Paragrin: The heir of the Garamon family, Paragrin was met with a great deal of responsibility early in his childhood. This has caused him to turn very somber. Age: 22

Jeremiah: This brother works for the cavalry and seems to thrive on violence. He, thankfully, does not bring that violence home with him. Age: 20

Cynthia: Laertes’ older sister, Cynthia dislikes anything abnormal or improper. She believes Laertes’ antics are part of the reason she has not been able to land a husband. Age: 19

Anny: His strongest relationship in the family, Anny loves the time she spends with her big brother Laertes. Age: 8.

Victoria: This is Laertes’ goddess on a pedestal. He has tried everything in his extensive repertoire of seduction to spend a night with her. She plays with him always giving him enough hope to keep trying, but always turns him away, sometimes harshly. Age: 28.

Gulag: One of his father’s servants. Gulag spent a lot of time with Laertes as a boy. He was an instructor and a substitute parent, who taught Laertes much about the common people and about sailing. He is one of Laertes’ silent supporters, but does not dare express his opinion to his lords. Age: 39

Darius: One of Laertes’ fellow classmates in Hector Orntius’ fencing classes. Darius and Laertes hit it off almost immediately after they sparred. Many a night has been spent together drinking and chasing the birds. Age: 17.

Lord Korinth: A minor lord with a small holding not too far from the city. Korinth took an interest in Laertes when he learned of his outrageous exploits. He saw a chance to gain some more influence by conniving his way into the Garamon family. His scheme is still building up momentum and acts much like Laertes’ patron, paying for his adventures and the like. He was very angry when he heard of Laertes’ self-imposed exile from the city. Age: 35

Lynx: She became Laertes’ friend at one of the many taverns in the city. Secretly she has hoped he would lay his ever yearning eyes on her. So far Laertes has not even acknowledged that she is female let alone shown any romantic interest toward her. Age: 16.

Sister Violet: One of Laertes’ many conquests, she is one of the few that has blossomed a friendly relationship (with benefits). Laertes spent a lot of time with Violet, who is a novice druid, learning about the poetry of the blossom and the song of the flower. Age: 23.

Reputation: In his home city Laertes is renown in all circles. Amongst the gentles he is seen as a bad seed bound for a dark future. The older commoners simply believe his behavior is annoying, while the younger see him as a fun person to be around.

Home: Laertes family owns two manors near the coast. He rarely spent any time there even when he lived there. The nearby city drew him to its energetic embrace and he would spend many a nights gallivanting through the streets getting drunk and consorting with the lowlier (and sometimes higher) class women. Even so, his father’s newer estate (one which his father had established himself) is set against a craggy coast with strong currents and dangerous breakers. Most of his quality time spend with his dad was sailing these dangerous waters on a small four man schooner.

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