Land Of Nod

Places to be From


"Antigoon is a large port of 10,044 souls located on Biscotti Bay. It is famous as the headquarters for the Merchant Venturers, a powerful company of merchants that controls trade on the South Seas. Antigoon is a modern mercantile republic that prefers to settle its problems with diplomacy but resorts to assassination and piracy to get what they want. Leading mercantile families include the Flonkers, Krumms and the Gombeens (perhaps the wealthiest family on NOD)"

Culture: Renaissance Dutch


"Blackpoort is a large port on the shores of Blackmere. Originally built around medicinal springs that have long since gone dry, it is a rival to Antigoon and Lyonesse and controls trade on the lake and beyond. Blackpoort is ruled by its guilds, the most powerful being those of the thieves and assassins, who elect a Lord Mayor. The city is famed for its thieves, powerful priesthood, lavish, towering architecture (always covered in a fine layer of soot) and the grey pigeons that cover every roof and make up much of the diet of the locals."

Culture: Medieval Germanic


"Irras is an ancient city that was originally constructed atop a basalt plateau overlooking the sea. Over time, as the men of Irras dug into the plateau after its riches and to get closer to their patron deity, Pluto, and their tunnels gradually collapsed into canyons, they dug into the walls of those canyons and built a deep city of interconnected cliff dwellings. Eventually, they tunneled through the plateau, opening windows that looked over the sea and carving a cleft set with wide stairs to allow ships to dock at their city. They left the outer portions of the plateau alone, of course, giving them thick, natural walls that would‐be conquerors (including ancient elves and the mages of Ibis) found impenetrable. The Irrasoi do not care for foreigners and pay respect only to foreign merchants, from whom they can get things they want. Visitors can expect to pay double normal prices for anything they want to buy."

Culture: Greek Plutocracy


"Lyonesse is among the wealthier, more powerful citystates in the Motherlands. It dominates Western Venatia as Nomo once dominated all the Motherlands, and the rulers of Lyonesse would like very much to establish a Venatian Empire in the style of that once great monarchy.
Lyonesse is chiefly known for its knights and dames, the flower of Motherlander chivalry. The city-state’s wealth is
based upon its fabulously productive farmland, producing grains, fruits, cattle, swine, poultry and cheese in amounts almost grand enough to feed the Motherlands in its entirety. All of this land is divided up into a patchwork of fiefs owned by knights, baronets and barons under the command of dukes and counts who themselves swear fealty to the king of Lyonesse."

Culture: Medieval France


"The city‐state of Ophir is nestled in a valley of cedars and rich pastureland. It is surrounded by villas worked by slaves that grow wheat, grapes (slightly bitter, but good enough for spiced wines) and olives. The cultivated lands are separated by rocky highlands (good for grazing goats) and thicks stands of cedar. Ophir has a population in excess of 6,000, with most
of them earning their living from the sea or in the slave markets. The city‐state is ruled by Prince Zargo, an heir of the ancient Purple Kings. Ophir’s architecture blends elements of classical Greece and medieval Morocco."

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