Letter From Vk

The completion of the portal is very good news. Now that the connection is complete, Phase 1 of our plan will begin shortly. The portal must be used no more than once a day. We cannot take the chance of someone detecting the amount of magic used while the portal is open. Only once a day and only after dark, you can use it no more than that.

After you have successfully received each wave of goblins send them to the sewers. We will have people from the Sanctum take them to the Goblin Hold. It is a disgrace to have to work with such filthy beasts, but if it gets us closer to our ultimate goal then so be it. Besides, they are nothing more than expendable soldiers to us.

By the time Phase 1 has started we will be working on Phase 3. Once this is completed and they are in control of the Fort, we will get what was promised. Be very careful with the portal. Make sure it remains functional at all times. We cannot let anything go wrong and jeopardize our own plans. We have never been so close.

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