Lord Alder Du Kriegieh

Lord Kriegieh has a broad chest, square shoulders, and he holds his head up like a true Lord. He also gives off a commanding presence, like a veteran soldier. Anyone with a military background can see this man is dangerous and should not be taken lightly, or underestimated. He wears fine clothing of light blue and brown and he wears a badge on one shoulder of a raven head in a circle with wings spread out to either side.

Commander Alder cannot be confused with anyone else and to look at him and see anyone but a pure soldier could be a fatal mistake. The First Commander is a powerfully built individual that is a vision of discipline and control. His mere presence is enough to bolster any ally on the battlefield and his stern demeanor demands obedience without question. To his enemies he is a pillar of intimidation.

The Kriegieh family is the most ruthless members of the Mentiel population. They seem to be completely detached from their emotions. Commander Alder is the head of this Household and the most uncaring and brutal member of Mentiel's military. He does not deviate from the law and is merciless to those that break it. It is speculated that the Commander has never smiled.

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