Lysandros "Andros" Theron
  • Player: JStewart
  • Race: Eladrin
  • Class: Resourceful Warlord
  • Paragon: Longarm Marshal
  • Level: 16th
  • Homeland: Elsenmoor

Valuable Equipment


  • Bloodthirsty Greatspear +3
  • Hungry Greatspear +2

Armor: Barkskin Hide +2
Neck: Cloak of Translocation +3

  • Helm of Heroes(Heroic)
  • Arcanist Glasses(made item)

Shield: Storm Shield (Heroic)
Belt: Shielding Girdle (Paragon)
Hands: Gloves of the Healer (Paragon)
Misc. Items:

  • Flute of the Dancing Satyr(made item)


Lysandros is about six feet tall and fairly muscular for one of his kind. Also unusual for his race he has a bronzed tan skin. On the other hand he has the typical long golden yellow hair held out of his face only by his large pointy ears. If you take the time to notice, his eyes are a solid sea of ocean blue. He wears a mixture of hide armor and cloth coverings and on his back he carries a light shield and a quiver of different spears, including what looks like a longspear but of slightly different crafting.


Andros, as he likes to be called by friends, is almost always in a good mood and quite friendly. Because of this he is a little bit naive and too trusting. He can also come off as arrogant but he doesn't know it, that's just him. He tends to talk down to what he calls the "younger" races and considers Elves as young siblings. But he means well in all he does and truly feels he was put here to do good. He is often heard correcting people "Silly child I am no Elf, I'm an Eladrin son of the Eldar."


Lysandros has traveled Eridus for many years now, but is a native of the Feywild.

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