Macros can add alot of extra functionality to your character's arsenal. You can get to the macro screen by typing /macro or by going through the options menu.

You can set a character to focus on by targeting that character and typing /focus. Your focus will always have his his own seperate seperate targeting window so you can keep an eye on him/her even while targeting something seperate. More importantly you can create macro's to pass the @focus paramater so you don't have to switch targets to heal or assist or attack your focus. (yes a focus can be an enemy) Though typically you'll want to set your tank as the focus.

Here are some easy uses for the Focus feature.

Assist and Attack
/assist [@focus]

Hunter Assist and Attack
/assist @focus
/cast Hunter's Mark

Heal Focus
/cast Rejuvenation @Focus

Cast Spell at Focus's Target
/assist @focus
/cast moonfire

Target Macros
Shammy Totem Kill
/castsequence reset=3 moonfire [target=earthbind totem, harm], moonfire [target=searing totem, harm]

This macro is currently untested, as I haven't tried to pass conditionals to a castsequence command yet. But this macro will let you spam a couple instant spells that will target 2 of the more annoying totems if they are near.

Special Macro's
Non targeting healer
/cast [@mouseover, help] Rejuvenation; [@mouseover, harm] Moonfire

This macro will cast a spell on whatever your mouse is currently over. If it is a freindly it will cast rejuvenation, if it is an enemy it will cast moonfire.

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Healing Touch

This Macro will cast an instant cast healing touch on your target as long as nature's swiftness isn't on cooldown. Remember though that you can only cast multiple effects if the the first abilities don't trigger a global cooldown. For example you couldn't cast 10 moonfires in 1 macro because they trigger the GCD, so only the first would ever cast.

Warrior's Rage
/cast Berserking
/cast Death Wish
/cast Battle Shout

Great for as you start off a boss fight… this will give your character a short term big damage bonus. Though if you don't have 10 rage you will have to double click the macro for Death Wish. I tried putting battle shout in the front but that didn't help.

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