Magister Militis Ludus

Deep in a secluded and dangerous jungle, the Magister Militis Ludus stands proud with its' white stone walls gleaming in the sun. Ballistas sit atop the walls in order to ward off aggressors that frequently beset the Ludus. The front courtyard is kept stocked with weapons of all types. At any moment the gladiators here may be called upon to defend against the dangers of the jungle - crazed or posessed dire animals, giant insects, trolls, hags, and even a troublesome elder green dragon are among the many threats they commonly face. To members of this Ludus the motto is "live to train, train to live."

The patron and Dominus of the Magister Militis Ludus is Leyt Orraiver. Dominus Orraiver is a powerful human Archmage who has hand picked many of the members of his Ludus himself. The others were handpicked by his father, the now passed Eurley, who was himself an accomplished and famous Bard.

The Magister Militis Ludus prides itself on having high quality gladiators at it's beck and call. Only honorable warriors are allowed to join this Ludus. Teamwork is emphasized in almost all facets of life at the Ludus as it is necessary to the survival of the school and it's inhabitants.

The Gladiators here are set up into teams and there are regular sparring matches between them. Every month and a half members of the teams are shuffled around so that no one becomes too comfortable with certain teammates. This also emphasizes loyalty to the school more than to the current team.

Magister Militis Roster

Master Waah Fang
Sir Nathan Childe

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