• Race: Tiefling
  • Class: Warlock
  • Paragon Path: Turathi Highborn
  • Level: 20

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Rod of Devilry +4
Armor: Shadow Warlock Feyleather +4
Neck: Bralani Cloak +4
Other: Unknown


A Tiefling of significant bearing, Malechai wears a suit of fine black leather armor, supple boots, a royal purple cloak trimmed in red, and wields a rod that crackles with infernal power.


Malechai is serious, aloof, and arrogant as can be. He often sees other people as below him and, although he readily aids others, he chastises those who cannot do something themselves. He knows the value of his peers though and has come to see the benefits of working selflessly as a team.


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