• Player: Stacy
  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Rogue
  • Level: 16th
  • Homeland: Ashani
  • Age: 120

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Targeting Superior Crossbow +4
Lightning Superior Crossbow +1
Armor: Shadowdance Leather +2
Neck: Mantle of Regrets +3
Arms: Bracers of Archery (Paragon)
Head: Gadgeteer's Goggles (Heroic)
Feet: Sandals of Precise Stepping (heroic tier)
Hands: Shadowdancer's Gloves (paragon tier)
Ring: Chameleon Ring (paragon tier)

Brief description of what people see.

Brief description how character reacts to other, quarks that can be seen.

(Tell us about the character. Give as much detail as you like. If there is something you want to keep for in game, possibly have it in a personal background. Remember this is all public knowledge.)

Wish List
Cloaked Superior Crossbow +3/+4, Level 13/18
Inescapable Superior Crossbow +3/+4, Level 13/18
Skyrender Superior Crossbow +3/+4, Level 14/19
Armor:Sylvan Leather +3/+4, Level 13/18
Boots: Boots of Furious Speed, Level 9
Hands: Sure Shot Gloves, Level 9
Elven Cloak +4, Level 17
Necklace of Keys +4, Level 18

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