Maritus is rumored to have bought its freedom from the Empire. This is strictly speculation but in this province the guilds hold all the power and the Governor answers to the guild masters. Even though the Governor was appointed by the High Lord Commander himself, everyone knows he lost control years ago. Maritus is a rich province full of wealthy merchants and hungry guilds.

Maritus is located in the southeastern most point of Northern Eridus. It is one of the more populated provinces and well protected. Its great lake and many rivers make it an excellent fishing community. The many rivers throughout the province provide fertile land and plenty of water for herding animals.


  • +1 bonus to Charisma
  • You know one additional language of your choice
  • You may add Insight and Streetwise to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all Insight and Streetwise checks

Province Society

Maritus is one of the busiest trading communities around Eridus. The people here known their business; whether it is fish, meat, cattle, or fabric, they are considered masters of the trade. The people are jovial and fast talking and many of them are good business folk who like to deal in fair trade and good bargains between two people. Others use their skills to swindle unsuspecting travelers out of their hard earned money. They welcome travelers and don’t fear strangers. These two types of people are in high demand since the better deals come from outsiders.

Maritus is run by the guilds that control the various businesses throughout the province. These numerous guilds form what is called the Guild’s Committee. It does have a Governor provided by the High Lord, but he lost control of the region long ago. This, of course, is strictly rumor. Others believe he controls the guilds through imperial force and domination. He forces a tariff from the guilds so they can kep running, and the guilds control the commerce around the settlements. Whatever the truth may be, it is a highly guarded secret.

The individual settlements of Maritus are run by a single Mayor; although, everyone known he is not the controlling power. A Mayor is put in place, but he is nothing more than a puppet leader. He will do nothing without the approval of the guilds.

Auristians have strong political power in Maritus, but they aren’t the only ones here. Melarians control much of the farming guilds, Hyperians control most of the smithing and weapon guilds, even the Elusians have their hand in the Writer’s Guild. The guilds may be controlled by various social groups, but many known the skills of the Reimarians, and these skilled speakers generally fill special positions.

The Reimarians are normally used for business deals between guilds, dealing with the Empire, the High Lord, or the Governor, or even dealing with exports to outside businesses. It is not uncommon for an Elusian controlled guild to hire a Reimarian to bargain with another Reimarian employed by a guild controlled by an Auristian.


Maritus is split between two different terrains. Its northern half is wide open, rolling plains while its southern half is covered with a thick jungle. The plains of Maritus are ideal lands for herding cattle. Its many rivers provide steady water for the animals while the fertile land is great for grazing. The jungle to the south is full of dangers, but it holds a great deal of commodities for the province. The trade goods that come out of the jngle are well worth the dangers.

The Canal: The Canal runs straight through the main land of Eridus, creating the two separate halves. It has become a rather busy shipping lane between the western and eastern islands. The jagged pas has a width of between 1 and 10 miles. Its waters are typically calm and provide easy travel.

Fury Plains: The Fury Plains gets its name from the numerous battles that have been fought there. Even before the Empire came it was a center for conflict. The fight for control of Eridus has always been an ongoing battle. The Fury Plains have seen nearly all of the fighting.

Stranglemeed Jungle: The Stranglemeed is a jungle woodland more alive than most. The jungle itself seems to feed on unsuspecting travelers. It is as if the entire jungle is alive as a single entity. In some places it can come alive and attacks like a hungry animal.

Stranglemeed Lake: This huge lake is one of the major sources of water for all of Maritus. It is also the greatest source of income for the Capitol City. The Mariner’s Guild was founded on this lake. Stranglemeed Lake is the number one attraction for fisherman as well as a home base for the shipping and transport companies.

Province Features

Maritus is a guild controlled province and one of the more populated regions, or at least one of the most visited. It has much to offer the other provinces including trade from other islands. It exports a lot of goods to Central Eridus and Mentiel in addition to getting visitors from all over the islands.

Mantes [Large Walled City: 15,451]: Mantes was built on the northern shore of the Stranglemeed Lake. It began as a large fishing village and quickly grew into a major city. With its close proximity to the jungle it became a major trade community, dealing in more than just fish. The Laborer’s Guild keeps the city in tip top shape. They continually repair the walls and take commissions for repairs around the city. The city walls are well defended and higher than most. Many people debate the reasons for the high walls; the true answer remains a mystery.

Other Notes

Auristian Families

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