If there is a land or province that is talked about the most, this would be it. It is said that the current governor of the province was a member of one of the settling families. He also refused to give up his seat when the Empire came and fought for the right to govern his land. No one knows how he convinced the Empire to let him stay in control, but he remains and he runs the province like his own personal kingdom. Insane and paranoid, the last remaining King in Eridus rules Mentiel like a child covets his favorite blanket.

Mentiel is on the eastern shore of Eridus. The province is known for its beautiful grassland rather than any of its trade. The land is wide and flat with high grass between the farms. When the wind blows across the valley it’s almost surreal, as if you’ve stepped into a painting. Even on the hottest days the wind tends to cool the weary traveler.


  • +1 bonus to Constitution
  • You may add Athletics and Endurance to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 bonus to all Athletics and Endurance checks
  • You may reroll any Endurance check, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse

Province Society

The settlers of Mentiel are hard working individuals. They are not afraid of hard labor and long hours in the day. They’ve seen their share of hardship and survived and they will continue to do so. Mentiel is home to mostly hard working Melarians. They farm the land, herd the animals, cut the lumber, and hunt the food; and when that is all done, they find the local tavern and drink the beer and sing the songs. While doing all this they still have time to spare a warm smile and a handshake or wave to passersby. Strangers are just people who they don’t know their names.

When the Empire came to Mentiel, they chose a Governor for the province. In a maddening howl the current lord slew the interloper and refused to give up his throne. The king of Mentiel is rumored to be insane but anyone brave enough to say it where is loyal followers can here are generally never heard form again. In the end descendant of the founding settlers kept his seat and remains the lord of the land.

The biggest threat to Mentiel, other than the Empire itself, comes from the Burning Hills. Bandits, dwarven raiders, and some of the lower races are well known for their raids through the province. The king formed a group called the Hill Watch and together with the Raven Guard they guard and protect Mentiel from any outside forces.


This province covers part of the Flaming Hills and stretches south to claim the northern portion of the Fury Plains. Mentiel starts near the northern center of Eridus and goes east all way to the eastern shore and the Broken Bay. It is a small province known for its hardy folk and its beautiful landscape.

Burning Rain Jungle: The thin eastern section of the jungle, or the tail by some, crosses into Mentiel just below the hills. It provides a wide variety of resources for the province; some being lumber, food, medicines, and even protection to name a few.

Flaming Hills: The hills of Mentiel are located on the northern portion of the province. It is home to human raiders, some of the lower races, and a number of other dangerous creatures. Aside from the dangers of the hills, it has been a good source of clay and stone for making bricks for their structures.

Fury Plains: Mentiel hosts the smallest portion of the Fury Plains on the southern part of the land. It is argumentatively the most beautiful portion of the plains. The grasslands are mostly flat and the wind blows through them constantly. It is a welcome change to the hot weather while traveling.

Province Features

Mentiel is fertile grasslands and rich jungle, coupled with dangerous hills. The hills are a major site for adventurers, mercenaries, and even some just seeking wealth. The hills are also inhabited by the lower races and unlawful groups. The grasslands are an enigma with its constantly blowing winds, though it does make working the lands more bearable in the heat.

Eluren [Large Walled City: 14,783]: Eluren is located near the center of the province. It was built in a shallow part of the Burning Rain Jungle. The city was originally built for protection against problems coming out of the hills. This changed when they saw what the jungle had to offer. The city began to change to a place of industry and trade. The city is mostly constructed from wood, some are mixed with clay. They all have thatched roofs. The Lord’s Keep resides in the center of the city, walled off and well guarded by the elite guard known as the Black Ravens.

Skulldrop Fort [Walled Military Compound: 1,384]: Skulldrop Fort sits on the edge of the Ridgeback Cliff where the province of Mentiel is separated from the dangers of the hills and mountains beyond. The Fort protects a large ravine that splits the cliff leaving a gap open for enemies to pierce the wall. With its massive reinforced gates closing off the ravine and its garrison of Raven Guards Mentiel is protected from the roving bands beyond.

Skulldrop Fort became a popular site for adventurers and mercenaries looking for fame and fortune. This also brought merchants, traders, craftsman and other settlers to the area. A small town emerged around the fort and became known as Skulldrop Village.

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