Olisium The Battlegrounds

Olisium is a pocket dimension, a demiplane, that has connections to many other planes and many other worlds. It's history lies with the deities themselves for it was created by the gods as an arena of wargames. With its connections to so many other planes, the battlefields are always unique, and sometimes deadly. one battle can be in a vast, lifeless dessert, while another can take place on a massive chunk of earth in the Elemental Chaos that is threatening to fall apart, and yet another can take place in the frozen caverns of Hell itself. Olisium is a battleground to test the hardiest of warriors, pitting them against the best in the Cosmos.

Competing Ludi

Below is a list of the Ludi that send warriors to fight in Olisium.

Magister Militis Ludus
Ludus Cryptsus

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