Oni Orders

Gotshuro -

I have included the rituals you will need to complete this task. Make sure you give the one sealed with the 3 slash marks to the shaman known as Fangclaw. I know this disgusting gnoll, it will intrigue him. It will make it easier to get their cooperation. The gnolls are grotesque beasts and animals. They are simple to control if you know just how to entice them. The other ritual is for you to use, but not until the right time.

The gnolls favor the Demon Lord of Slaughter known as Yeenoghu. The ritual will grant him the favor of his Lord, but he will be in a weakened state. That is when you must perform the other ritual. The second ritual will bind him while he is still weak so you can take him back to your masters.

While you are waiting for the gnolls to prepare for this momentous occasion, do NOT do anything to anger these beasts. They can anger easily, especially their pack leader, Bloodfang. He can be quite dangerous if you underestimate him.

It disgusts me that I must deal with such a lackey. It is difficult to understand why they are entrusting this important task to a simpleton such as you. Do not fail the order, and do not fail me. If you do, you will pray to ME for death before we are through.


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