Pelusium is known as the Flaming Twins for there are actually two separate lands working within its borders. A wide stretch of hills splits the plains from the jungle in this province and the northern half believes it is independent from the rest of the land. As much as they like to believe they are separate from the rest of Pelusium, the northern coast of the province has recently gotten a reality check. The new Governess runs things differently and she is quickly showing the inhabitants of Northern Pelusium her reach is long.

The Brimstone Hills cut off the port towns from the heart of Pelusium. Throughout Eridus, it is looked at more as two separate provinces. The hills are a fairly rough terrain and difficult to traverse even on the roads. Travelers tend to go east around the hills and on to Central Eridus, therefore missing the true beauty of Pelusium.


  • +1 bonus to Intelligence
  • Add goblin to your list of known languages
  • You may add History and Religion to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all History and Religion checks
  • +2 bonus to Saving Throws against Charm effects

Province Society

Pelusium is home to many types of people. North of the Brimstone Hills is home to mariners and sailors. The southern portion of the province is the heart of the land. The people here are sturdier and very stubborn.

The province has recently seen a change in its leadership. Once ruled heavily by Auristian leaders, that has all been changed. The original governor of the province was a corrupt official that was a known ally to the Empire. A group of adventurers out of the small village of Sperth seen this corruption and ended it. With no other candidates for the new Governor, all thought the Mayor of Lasnnfel would surely run, the Baroness Tarashisa Ulthia from the town of Lasnnfel won the election and became the new Governess of Pelusium.

Pelusium has an uncaring outlook toward outsiders. Travelers are looked upon as potential income. The hospitality of the southern portion of the province is a bit rugged, but they take pride in their work so it is typically worth the trouble. Northern Pelusium has a bit more trouble with outsiders. The port towns tolerate travelers as part of their commerce, but the personality of the town is cold and brittle at best.

Most people won’t travel the harsh terrain of the hills for more reasons than just terrain hazards. The hills harbor bandits, brigands, and most of all hobgoblins. Raids to the woodlands and the coast are not uncommon.


Northern Pelusium is fertile grasslands; cattle farms can be found scattered through this area. Moving south the land has rough hills before giving way to light woods. To the west the land rises into mountainous area.

Brimstone Hills: These dry, hot hills cut through the northern portion of Pelusium. The western portion of the hills has a strange sulfur smell, giving them the name. The hills are home to many different species. Bandits and thieves find it a suitable have. It is clear though, that the hobgoblin tribes dominate this area. The tribes have become quiet after the Heroes of Sperth went north to qualm an uprising of hobgoblin civil war. It turned out the tribes were coerced by a new clan of humanoids backed by a fiendish overlord. Rumors are that these heroes banded the tribes of hobgoblins together and stormed the clan hold of this new humanoid tribe. In a fierce battle the clan was disbursed and the fiendish influence was banished.

Burnt Plains: These plains are located on the north coast of Eridus. They give no mercy to travelers. Having very little trees, there is no real protection out in the deep grasslands from the noon day sun. The Daeruthians gave the name new meaning when they burned a path of death toward the Central Eridus.

Devil Horns Mountains: The most feared terrain in all of western Eridus is the Devil Horn Mountains. Scholars say the mountains are a nexus between worlds, a place where natural rifts to the Abyss and the Nine Hells exist. Many a traveler has gone up into the mountains never to have returned. In the hours of the dusk filled evenings, when the sun slowly disappears behind the peaks, the mountains have an eerie red glow to them. It is said that when this happens, the mountains are covered in evil and demons do battle with devils.

Willow Lake: This lake is the largest provider of water for the southern portion of Pelusium. It even goes so far as to support some of the lands outside of the province.

Willowdell Woodland: This is the heart of Pelusium. The light jungle provides everything the province needs. The woods are good for hunting, gathering, and trapping. Widowbranch is a green dragon known to hunt these woods. His lair is yet undiscovered.

Province Features

Even though Pelusium is a large province, only half of it is settled by humans and the other common races. The north has two port towns that see travelers from any number of the western isles. The southern jungles are well settled by humans. The other half of the province is treacherous hills and deadly mountains.

Delagesam [Large Walled City: 14,890]: Delagesam is a large city built on the northern shore of Willow Lake. When the invasion of the Empire settled, the Governor immediately ordered the construction of a wall around the entire city. Today the city is completely walled off, even at the lake. A separate, southern gate leads to the harbor of Delagesam. The walls are well guarded and its three gates each have a guard house. Inside the walls, the city of Delagesam is a beautiful site. When one travels the streets of the city, it seems as if the jungle never ended at the walls. The city is designed around several patches of trees and tended vines grow up many of the inner walls and buildings.

Sperth [Small Town: 1,438]: Sperth was built as a stopping point for travelers from the coast. It made its way by opening its doors to those brave enough to travel through the hills from Muldriss. To this day it is a good source of commerce and there is never a shortage of beds for the weary traveler. With the aid of Thorak Battleforge and funding from the Heroes of Sperth, a new wall has been added to the town. Due to the hobgoblin troubles from the hills to the north, the small town gained some notice and eventually some aid. The Heroes final deed for the town was the construction of the wall.

Sperth only recently became popular with the arrival of the Heroes. This band of adventurers came together and aided the small town with many of its problems. Kobolds attack and the Heroes hunted them down and ended the threat. Tribes of hobgoblins threatened the border town and the Heroes returned and settled the score. These heroes were never known by an official name and they didn’t form a mercenary band, their deeds gained them the name, Heroes of Sperth.

Recent Events

Pelusium has seen some conflict, some political upheaval, and some serious changes. The one common denominator in all of this was the Heroes of Sperth. These brave adventurers gathered in the town of Sperth and their exploits expanded from there. They hunted down a warren of kobolds and ended their threat. They were rumored to have banded together the tribes of hobgoblins in the hills to face off against a new demonic influenced threat. They even found a secret necromancer lair and emptied it of its dangers.

The biggest change in Pelusium was its leadership, and right in the middle of the controversy was the Heroes of Sperth. The old governor of Pelusium, Lord Vilhelm Stoner, was proven to be corrupt and it was the Heroes that hunted down the proof. Unfortunately before he could be brought to justice and sent to the labor farms, the governor disappeared. It left a hole in the highest seat of leadership in the province. It was thought that several candidates would campaign for the job of leading the region, this was not the case. No one stepped forward and everyone new the Mayor of Lasnnfel wanted the position. For many years Lord Folcondor Daebrian has wanted the Capitol of Pelusium officially changed to Lasnnfel. When the seat opened it was as if the entire province took a deep breath and held it. Lord Folcondor did not announce his desire for Governor. When the time came the Baroness of Lasnnfel, Tarashisa Ulthia, stepped forward and claimed the high seat of Governess. No one campaigned against her and no one complained about her rise to power. Everyone knew she was an advisor and secret mistress to Lord Folcondor.

When trouble reared its head again the Heroes of Sperth went to the small village of Ayng to assist. Slavers had crossed the Canal and were hunting for new stock. Appalled by such an act the Heroes fought against the slavers, defending Ayng’s people. They heroes were too late to save them all and some were whisked away by a wagon train headed for the Canal and to their final stop, the slave trading community of Drakkhorn. After freeing the people of the village the heroes raced after the prisoners. The adventurers met the slavers at the docks and it a pitted battle the Canal ran red with the blood of the evil slavers. The people of Ayng were returned safe and sound.

The adventurers from Sperth are heroes in the eyes of the people and are famous around Pelusium. Unfortunately these brave heroes have disappeared. Shortly after their fight against the slavers, word of their deeds ceased. Rumors of their adventures do not cross the borders of Pelusium and there have been no sightings of their death. They have simply vanished, no one knows where they have gone or if they will return. The people of the province, especially those in Sperth keep an ear open, some question travelers and strangers about adventurers from afar. Most get a perplexed look, but none have an answer.

The people of Pelusium await the return of their Heroes of Sperth: Thorak Battleforge, Xyphel, Khalic Whitewind, Kalrim McKreon, Vindomorucious, and Eliza Farsun. They keep they eyes and ears open for any news of their famous adventurers.

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