It was an odd way to visit a city. From the current perspective, most of the focus in the city is on the Palace that sits at its very center. Running through the streets revealed the people to be downtrodden and destitute. The smell of fear was in the air, but maybe that came from somewhere else. The inhabitants seemed shady and the upkeep of the city appeared poor. There was litter in the streets and the structures were rundown.

In the east of the province lies the Furywater Lake near the border of Uhnesh. Phathan sits on the southern shore of the lake just inside the rough Ragestorm Plains. It rests on the edge of the Sheervine Marsh that spills into Drakkhorn from Uhnesh. Not much was learned about this town of corruption and slavery. It did appear that most of the wealth lied in the Palace, possibly the mayor of the city, which seems to be coming directly from the people of the settlement by the looks of the condition of the rest of the town.

City Locations

Lord Baron's Palace

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