Player Rewards

Player Points (PLPs) are earned for achieving certain goals each week. Below is the list of ways you earn points in the new Player Reward system. Please take note of these goals. There are currently 7 ways to earn points. Six points can be earned on a weekly basis and the 7th point is earned when you reach a new level. Please remember, the game day starts at 4pm and ends at 2am. This is the typical schedule for each gaming day.

  • 3 Points For showing up at the game and playing.
  • 1 Point For playing until we quit.
  • 1 Point For showing up on time.
  • 1 Point [Earned as a group] For the game starting on time.
  • 1 Point [Each Level] For updating your character on any Character Builder available to me.

BONUS REWARD (one time bonus)

  • 10 Points For inputting your character into the Online Character Builder under my Login ID. I understand you cannot enter the character perfectly, but you can build it as best you can. The bulk of the character should be the same. Let me know when you wish to do this and I will set up a computer for you to use and login to DDI.

Permanent Achievement is the last Permanent Benefit you have earned. When you gain enough Earned PLPs you earn Permanent Benefits that are immediately applied to a character. These benefits automatically include any Permanent Benefit higher on the list.

Player Name Earned PLPs Used PLPs AVLB PLPs Permanent Achievements
Mike Golden 136 97 39 Heroic Tolerance

All the benefits in the Player Award System are granted to the player, not the character. These items will be taken to subsequent characters if the need arises. [Please keep in mind that this is all subject to change if the system is abused in any way (i.e. changing characters frequently since the benefits follow the player)]

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