Prometheus Balsorn
  • Player: Sam Metcalfe
  • Race: Halfling
  • Class: Wild Soul Sorcerer
  • Level: 14th
  • Homeland: Maritus
  • Age: 21

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Dagger of Parrying +1, Tooth of Chaos +2
Armor: Bestial Leather +2
Neck: Necklace of Keys +2
Hands: Shadowfell Gloves


Red cape,red tunic with gold edging matching pants,brown eyes,dagger,black hair,4' tall, 80 lb.


I'm funny,crazy,weird,active,shy,very odd.


I grew up with two annoying sisters.I lived in Maritus with my family. I grew up in a crazy and hectic family so I left to find my own way in the world. I seek adventure and action, looking for fellow adventurers who enjoy the same.

Wishlist (Needs to be updated for Paragon tier)

Goblin Totem Dagger +2 lvl 7
Wraithblade Dagger +2 lvl 10
Battleharness leather +2 lvl 9
Bracers of the Perfect Shot lvl 3
Boots of striding lvl 9
Starlight goggles lvl 8
Broach of shielding +2 lvl 8
Shielding Girdle lvl 10

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