This area will list the available races found around Eridus. Each race will have its own page describing their background, some history, and possibly some typical personalities and how they react to the other races. These will be the only races available in the game. If a race does not have a section, then it is not available. As new material is published, this list will probably grow.

Please note, as usual, if a race does not fit the theme or the feel of the campaign it will not be added and therefore not be allowed. There is a very good chance that all the races available by June will not be added to the campaign. The reason could be a number of things, if a race is simply another version of a previous race (given its own powers and abilities of course) it will probably not be allowed.

For instance, the dragonborn are generally a muscle race, as is the minotaur. Even though their powers are different, the theme of the races are the same. They are both very different from the other races, being bestial in nature. They are both a brute race, or a muscle race built for more melee damaging classes than anything other.

I have already decided to add the goliath to the list (taking the place of the half-giant from the previous start) so I probably will not allow another race that is large or giantish (i.e. the half-giant if it is released).

I hope everyone finds what they are looking for when choosing a race.

Common Races

Uncommon Races

  • Deva [Dashiell (Richard Paine, Jr)]
  • Goliath [Donner (Josh Smith)]
  • Half-orc [Rhinox"The Hunter"Skullcleaver (Mike Golden)]
  • Shifter
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