The province of Raegous is the rabble pit of the islands. This criminal infested land is lawless by all accounts. It is a home for bandits, raiders, brigands and especially pirates. The province is an outcast land and not even the Empire will try to bring order to its borders. It is a land infested with a criminal disease that cannot be cured.

Raegous is located on the island southwest of the Dragon Tooth bay. It is a small province covering the northern portion of the island of Aerthrall. It is a thin piece of land claiming the northern part of the Flamemist Mountains and stretching up to the northern most point of the island.


  • +1 bonus to Strength
  • You may add Stealth and Thievery to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 to all Stealth and Thievery checks
  • You may reroll one Initiative check per day, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse

Province Society

Raegous is mostly isolated from many of the settlements that are found nearby. To find any other community on the same island you would have to travel south beyond the Flamemist Mountains. Anything north of Raegous is separated by a body of water.

With Raegous being so isolated, it became a harbor for the more unlawful elements. Raegous is home to a number of pirate bands. Some of these bands are rivals and fights break out on a regular basis. Raegous has fallen into lawlessness and has become a home for the Black Market and a number of other underworld elements and societies.

Raegous is under a segmented or guilded government if you believe they have any kind of leadership at all. Each pirate band or underworld guild controls a section of the province or a small section of a settlement therein. There are leaders, pirate captains, and underbosses that create the hierarchy of the province. Each of these groups conspires to get rid of the other, but not much ground is gained when alliances can change hands with a simple bag of coins.

Raegous is a dark province filled with thieves, brigands, pirates, murderers, and assassins. Only the roughest of individuals come here to trade and even they usually bring help. It is a place of conspiracy, treachery, and death. Only the bravest would gamble with their lives by visiting this place.


Raegous is one of the smaller provinces around Eridus. It’s only around a hundred square miles total. It’s mostly plains which covers the central part of the province. There is a small area of rough mountains at the southern border and the northern tip is capped with a small area of jungle.

Axe Point Woods: These woods are located at the farthest north point of the island. It’s so small it doesn’t cover a hundred square miles. This small spot of jungle is rich with herbs and other wild life. It’s not a harsh terrain and usually easy to travel. The woods are typically heavily guarded by the inhabitants of the jungle city.

Burnt Plains: The entire center portion of the province is flatland and plains. The land itself forms ripples along the length of the province and goes back from east to west. The actual soil under the grass is dark black like it has been charred somehow. All that will grow in these lands is wild grass and tall weeds.

Flamemist Mountains: These mountains are thick with dark shadows and high peaks. Hanging low throughout the mountains is a dark mist that never seems to go away. During the sunset and sunrise this mist glows a bright red like red hot embers. It is speculated that the dark smoke from the volcano on the island to the east gets trapped within the high peaks. Scholars believe the volcano continues to feed these mountains with the dark smoke to keep the mist in place.

Bloodfire Lake: This lake is located on the western edge of the mountains, near the southern border of the province. The lake is used for blood games by the various pirate gangs that rule here. Feuds are ended on this lake, as well as personal grudges, small skirmishes, and finally full scale battles between rival gangs. The pirates believe the bottom of the lake is drenched with the blood of those that have died on this lake.

Province Features

Raegous is a province devoted to illegal trade and commerce. Its larger population is made up of the criminal elements. These unlawful groups far outweigh the modest hardworking folk. Any kind of resource gathering must first satisfy the needs of the illegal guilds and gangs that run the province before any kind of livelihood can be accomplished. Anything that resembles a profit is almost unheard of.

Braen [Small Port City: 11,212]: Braen is the pirate Capitol of Raegous. It is located on the east coast near the southern border. It rests in a small bit of plains between the shoreline and the mountains. This is a stopping point for many of the pirate bands that roam the Dragon Tooth Bay. None of these groups reside in the city walls, but it is common to see several different groups here at once. Braen is run by the Red Dagger Syndicate. They control the entire city and anything that happens within. They have a strict rule against conflicts between guilds and groups inside the city limits. They enforce these rules with bloody blades.

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