Rage Of The Goblin King

Level 2 Quest

Evidence showed that humans were involved with the goblins that attacked Skulldrop. More importantly, these humans were arcane masters that were able to construct the necessary equipment the goblins would need to get into the village and possibly the Fort itself.

The entire staff of the Skull Tower was arrested by the decree of Commander Ryver. The Tower was searched and a secret conclave was discovered in a subsection below the Stone. More evidence was found linking the goblins to the Tower as well as the first portal, the portal that brought the goblins to Skulldrop. A secret passageway was found leading from the conclave to the sewers; a path allowing the goblins to find refuge below Skulldrop before the assault.

The information led to a particular goblin tribe, the Deepspears. They were located within the Jagged Plains on the western side. Now the fight was taken directly to them. As the goblin lair was assaulted, the self proclaimed King of the Goblins was hunted down and slain. Nibkraws head was put on a spear by his rival. The portal inside the lair was found and destroyed as well, along with the hexers that created it.

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