Reed Pindlebottoms
  • Name: Reed Pindlebottoms
  • Player: Brent
  • Race: Halfling (male)
  • Class: Bard
  • Level: 1st
  • Homeland: Maritus

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Standard
Armor: Standard
Neck: Standard

Reed is a colorful character. He enjoys flashy, bright clothing, especially blues and yellows. When traveling he dons chainmail, scimitar and shield, slinging a longbow over his shoulder. His eyes are a bright merry green, his hair reddish brown and worn long with small braids for decoration. He carries lute and flute in fine leather cases and is as quick to pull them as any warrior draws a sword. His voice is ever on the edge of laughter and his lips nearly always quirked in a smile.

Reed is absolutely delighted with the world around him. Everything he sees is cause for a smile, a laugh, or a song. On one hand he seems childlike, accented to most folk by his small stature. On the other, he seems wise, his carefree nature caused by clear faith in the goodness of others.

The only thing Reed enjoys more than making new friends is meeting old ones. He is always ready to share tales whether quietly across a few mugs of ale, or on stage accompanied by his lute. He loves to impress people, but isn't bothered when people fail to appreciate his wit or music.


Friends, Patrons, and Allies



Notable Traits

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