Most of the rules about retraining are fine as is described in the book. Powers can be retrained and most Feats can be retrained; as per the rules in the 4E PHB and DMG.


Skills cannot be retrained. I do not like having a group or individual characters retrain skills simply to fill a gap that is missing. Skills should be chosen based on the character concept you have in mind. Retraining one knowledge skill for another simply because you know where the next adventure will lead is not part of roleplaying in my opinion.


Most Feats are acceptable for retraining. The exception to the retraining Feats rule is the Multiclass Feats. Just like you cannot retrain your base class 6 levels down the line, you cannot retrain Multiclass Feats. Make this choice a good one otherwise you will wind up playing a character you don’t like. Once chosen, the character is stuck with the results.

Multiclass Feats cannot be removed. Make sure you know the choice you are making. You cannot remove a Multiclass Feat for another Feat.

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