Rivermurk is a small, washed over island far to the south of Eridus. Most of the inhabitants of Eridus would like to think it doesn’t exist; others don’t want to believe its part of Eridus. The island inhabitants are constantly working to make a mark on Eridus and prove once and for all that it is part of the Isles.

Rivermurk is an island located to the south of Eridus and west of Jerhelheim. It is over a hundred miles off the coast of Uhnesh. Looking past the watery bogs and muck, the swamp is alive with beauty and color.


  • +1 bonus to Dexterity
  • Add Goblin to your list of known languages
  • Gain resist 2 acid (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)

Rivermurk Society

Rivermurk is not a popular place to the inhabitants of Eridus. Due to its obvious environmental drawbacks, the island doesn’t draw many travelers, visitors, and especially not many immigrants; though the island is not without its settlers. The swamp-filled land is home to many of societies throwbacks. There are settlements filled with the mixed race known as the Mange. These social rejects formed a society of their own here on Rivermurk Island.

The settlements of the Mange are not much different than the settlements you would find elsewhere in Eridus. They are plagued by a constant swamplike smell, but their design is like that of other settlements. There are shops, craftsman, and other businesses. You can find residential homes scattered about the settlement. You will even find taverns and inns waiting for travelers to pull up a chair.

There is no social hierarchy in the land of the Mange. The land is considered free and building is usually done by the locals in the area, for a fee of course. They do not mind strangers, although they do have a reserved attitude toward humans.

You will find other throwaways living on the island as well. Mixed into the pot of Mange is a healthy population of half-orcs. Other half-breeds can be found here as well, just at a much lesser degree. There is rarely any conflict among the various outcast races. The feeling is typically the same; this is where they feel safe.


Rivermurk has very little variety in its terrain. The island is 90 percent covered in swampy and we lands. On the eastern point of the island there is a small area of dry land. These plains are ideal for farmland even though there isn’t much of it to speak of.

Dry Point: Dry Point is a small section of the island that isn’t covered by the swamp. On the eastern edge of the island there is a small patch of plains. These plains are quite valuable to the inhabitants of the island for it is a good source of farmland. It is nearly all used for this purpose.

Fanghorn Bog: The Fanghorn covers the majority of the island with its swampy terrain. The bog is teaming with life and has a variety of resources if one knows what to look for, but it’s not without its dangers. The shallow waters of the bog hide sinkholes that can pull an individual under in a matter of seconds. The Fanghorn gets its name from its hidden plant life. There are rumors that living in the bog are species of plants that will attack and devour travelers.

Island Features

Despite the uncomfortable and undesirable atmosphere of the swamp, the island is still populated to a small degree. There are many settlements spread throughout the island. The plains have a good portion of settlers, but the Mange are not afraid of a little work and hardship to survive. There are also several settlements around the outskirts of the island.

Mumua [Small Walled City: 6,650]: Mumua is the largest settlement by far on the island. It is located in the plains on the east edge of the island. It borders the swamp and is a major trading post for all who live on the island. The walls are made of thick wood and reinforced with tree sized logs. The buildings inside are made of wood with roofs of wooden shingles. Even though the city is built on the sturdy ground of the plains, the building technique is the same. The structures in the settlement are raised slightly on pillars of wood. Sometimes there are walkways of wooden planks stretching across the front of a series of shops or other businesses.

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