Rufus Diamondhide
  • Player: Jared Juetten
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Class: Warden
  • Paragon Path: Firstborn of Moradin
  • Level: 15
  • Homeland: Hyperia

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Maw of the Guardian Mordenkrad +2
Armor: Wall Earthhide +4
Neck: Deep-Pocket cloak +2


He's a frickin' Dwarf. Only thing is that he's a bit leaner in the belly area. It could be from the long, hard years he's had fighting mostly on his own.

Standing at 4'7" and 190 pounds, Rufus has quite the powerful build. He's clad in a sleevless tunic that looks like it's made of stone, a rather drab brown cloak, dark grey trousers, and a pair of soft boots. Rufus' thick, muscular arms bear tattoos of Dwarven runes for strength, honor, protection, earth, and justice. Strapped across his back is a large maul with spikes on the flat hammer heads. It appears a very brutal weapon indeed.

He has a very full, black beard which is well kept and has thick braids. His full head of hair falls down over his ears and is neatly pulled back out of his eyes by a cord. His bronze complexion shows that he has spent more time outdoors than underground. It's obvious that he's at home in the wilderness which is unusual for a Dwarf.


He's polite, but a little awkward at times. He never takes any crap from anyone and believes that making fun of people is rude and uncalled for. That being said, a little jest here and there between friends is just natural. Rufus often finds himself speaking up for "the little guy" and thus commonly finds himself in … difficult situations. Woe to the person who causes trouble with the friends of this tough-as-nails Dwarf.

He shows a distinct love for Moradin and for the mountains and earth beneath his feet which is seemingly unmatched. He shows a keen interest in anything that could be considered "Dwarven" as well. And even though he doesn't always seem like your typical Dwarf, you can tell that he has all the same loves, interests, and base behaviors of all the Dwarves you've ever met.


He hails from the small clan of Diamondhide. They claim their heritage goes back all the way to Moradin himself, though this is unconfirmed.


Dwarves, Goliaths, and Hyperians are generally considered friends. The Fate Seekers group is a band of new friends that he has made and assisted in righting wrongs.


Anywhere that he can touch the earth is home to him.

Wish List


Weapon: Maw of the Guardian Mordenkrad +3/+4 (lvl 14/19)
Neck: Amulet of Life +3 (lvl 15)
Feet: Oceanstrider Boots (lvl 14)
Hands: Gauntlets of Blood (lvl 14)
Arms: Counterstrike Guards (lvl 14)

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