S1 We Need To Get Outta Here

Here is the first session recap. I tried to make the best of a short session that was basically a single encounter. I might not have got all the details correct, but hopefully I hit all the major points for each character. Actually, some things might not be in order either. Sorry about that. Hopefully it flows ok and it captures some of the death defying actions of the party.

Session 1—We Need to get Outta Here!

Lord Alistair (Jared)
Asteria (Nicole)
Baerik (Richard)
Sir Kenrick (Josh)
Magnus (Justin)
Shaymore (Briana)

A new group of heroes have emerged on Awlidan. Old friends have gathered with new friends hoping for some fame, glory, and to becoming the newest heroes in the Reachlands of Kantolus. Their first adventure was a success, tracking and eliminating a unit of orcs. They found an Inn for some much needed rest and relaxation, and to discuss their future. They decided it would be in all their best interests to continue their partnership and continue traveling together. Going to sleep that night, they were not expecting the trip they woke up to.

Baerik woke first; confused as his bed was much colder than when he went to sleep. The rest of the group woke shortly after with similar feelings of confusion. They woke with the dark night sky far above them, stars filling their vision. Shaking off their stiff muscles and blinking sleep from their eyes, they found they were fully clothed—with armor. They finally notice the large stone floor badly damaged below their feet. It was a circular floor with a short ledge between them and a loooong drop to the mountain below. They were on the top of a tower connected to a keep. What happened to this tower? Where was the rest of it?

Their equipment was scattered across the top of the tower, but at least everything was still there, at least they think so. Not everyone was able to collect everything. Sir Kenrick went to retrieve his spear laying by a set of stairs leading down deeper into the tower. Though he was startled himself, he found a group of small lizard-like humanoids trying desperately to become part of the stone wall they were pressing up against. After some brief eye contact, one of the little creatures cries out; “they live, They LIVE!

Things began to go south very quickly. A swarm of these little creatures began flowing up the stairs. Sir Kenrick and Baerik quickly took up a shoulder to shoulder stance to stem the flow of the lizard things. The rest of the group quickly took positions a ways behind them so they could do battle. A cry goes out,”Check the Other Stairs!” More lizard creatures came up from the staircase on the other side of the tower. They were becoming surrounded.

Sir Kenrick falls as the creatures push their way up the staircase. Baerik shouts a battle cry throwing him into a Rage! Asteria uses her music to inspire the group boosting their prowess through her magic. Alistair took up ranks at the other staircase, fighting desperately to prevent the creatures from surrounding them. They are small and weak but their numbers is proving to be a big problem. Bolts of powerful eldritch magic are blasted into the crowd of lizard creatures as Magnus works to help his comrades. Shaymore shows off her natural talents as her form shifts and she becomes a large, snarling wolf. There was a particularly nasty robed lizard creature throwing dangerous gas filled ceramic jars, until Shaymore the wolf bites him in the ass and sends him running back down the stairs. Not before he drops the jar he was carrying with a word from Alistair.

The brave adventurers were fighting furiously but they realized the sheer numbers of the creatures was too much. Another cry went out into the night sky, “We NEED TO get OUTTA HERE!” The group started to retreat to the other stairs, they at least looked clear. Trying to cover their retreat, Baerik picks up the jar and tosses it at the lizard creatures. It erupts in a ball of fire, killing most of them in the area.The retreat would not go easily however. The small lizard creatures were relentless in their assault. Baerik tried again to cover their escape by smashing the already cracked floor. He succeeded too well, the stone floor crumbled beneath him and he tumbled down to the next floor of the tower. It slowed the little creatures down but it did not stop them. Baerik was now trapped in rubble as his friends work to free him.

Magnus pulls out his crowbar and begins working at the pieces of floor pinning Baerik. Asteria already learned that one of the doors in this lower room leads to an even larger crowd of lizard creatures, but when she checks the other door she finds a set of stairs leading down. Sir Kenrick sets himself to block the door in case the creatures try to get to them. With the help of his friends, Baerik breaks free from the rubble. They can now continue their retreat. The stairs leading down is their best hope for escape at this time. Though they are badly damaged and a hole in the wall leaves the stairs open to the chill winds of the mountain peak, it is free of enemies. Down the stairs it is then…

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