S2 Whats Dung Is Dung

I didn’t think there would be so much to say about this last session. This summary turned out being longer than I expected. I apologize but things just kept coming out as I was writing. I hope you still enjoy it. I did not focus on too many combat encounters, usually only hitting key points. Most likely this will be my outline for upcoming summaries. I’m really trying to hit the highlights of the story so encounters May suffer. If something is more memorable in an encounter I will do my best to add it. Feel free to add any details you feel I missed. Simply respond to the Facebook Group or edit the Wiki page for the summary. Good session people; I am pleased.

Session 2—What’s Dung is Dung…

Lord Alistair (Jared)
Asteria (Nicole)
Baerik (Richard)
Sir Kenrick (Josh)
Magnus (Justin)

Expeditious Retreat

We return to our new heroes as they peer down the broken stairs of the tower. A large hole in the side of the tower gives them a peek outside. A cold wind blows through the hole from the ocean. In the distance they can see an island off the coast of the mountain range. A settlement can be seen on the island; most likely a port town of some kind. The stairway was badly damaged, only a few feet of stairs still exist to get past the hole. The wind could blow a reckless hero plummeting to their death.

The group continues down through the broken tower, blocking as many doors behind them as possible. It seemed to have worked, the cackling and hissing noises of the pursuing kobolds faded into the distance. When they reached the bottom level of the tower they were met with a disturbing surprise. Along the ringed hallway were medium sized bodies, old bodies. They were nearly skeletal and they wore tabards of black and silver. These bodies were more proof of where they were. This was the Silent Lord’s castle, resting at the peak of the western mountain range in Kellavar. More questions came to mind. What killed these men? Where was the Lord of the castle? What were they doing here?

Unusual Encounter

The ringed hallway led to a central room that looked to be a reading chamber or small library at one time. Now it was being used by the kobolds for mixing recipes. Three tables were set up along the wall cluttered with bottles, beakers, glass vials, ceramic jars, small basins with open flames, glass stirring rods, a mortar and pestle, and other items used for alchemy. One kobold in dark red robes was standing on a chair working at a table. When the kobold turned to the sound of the door opening, it was met by a large dwarf barbarian bearing down on it. Baerik swung is mighty axe as the kobold screeches in terror. Blood is spilled; the kobold falls to the floor, but survived the brutal attack.

The heroes did not quite know what to make of this. The kobold did not seem to be… threatening. The kobold had a high female voice as she stated her name was Klaiz. As she was interrogated by the party; strangely, she was quite free with any information she possessed. She told the party the kobolds were here for less than a year and the bodies were here when they arrived. They were sent to hold the keep for their master, Flamescorn. Klaiz didn’t seem to be like other kobolds. The group decided to take her prisoner. She may have more information that could be useful.

A Proper Entrance

Continuing their escape, the group had to cross a broken bridge connecting the tower to the rest of the keep. The wind was strong coming off the ocean and the bridge was badly damaged. Somehow, Baerik crouched down making himself smaller than anyone would think possible. He successfully crosses the bridge and secures a rope for the rest of the party. Getting to the other side of the bridge, Baerik found two more dead bodies mounted to the wall flanking the door to the keep. It appeared their own spear was used to stake them to the wall.

The group entered a garden like chamber with a fountain in the center and open to the night sky. They walked into a poor example of a kobold ambush. The little creatures were hiding in piles of trash and broken furniture, but failed to execute it properly as the heroes heard the kobold whispering. Half of the ambush party made a break for a door leading into the keep. The kobolds fell to the superior prowess of the adventurers. Try as they might, crying out to unseen allies within the keep, the door remained closed preventing the kobold’s escape. Finally, the adventurers enter another tower that leads directly into the keep proper.

As the group moves on seeking an exit from this bewildering place, Asteria speaks with the kobold, Klaiz. They create something like a female bond between them; the kobold coming to trust the bard. It is this bond that gets the ropes removed from the creature. The party learns that Klaiz is only here to please her master, the great Ancient Red Dragon, Flamescorn from the northern province, Dragon Reach. Klaiz’s story appears to be deeper than they first realized. She doesn’t always agree with everything her clan does, but she is here on the behest of her god, nothing else matters.

Magnus had his own bonding moment with the kobold Klaiz. He read the kobold’s journal and it had a few alchemical recipes. Some were for healing and another was to improve someone’s strength. Talking with Klaiz, he found the ingredients were not that hard to achieve. He did find there was one ingredient that was quite specific. A couple of the recipes required something from a kobold, the dung of a kobold to be exact.

The Path Less Traveled

The heroes were met with yet another surprise. Taking the stairs down the tower to enter the keep, Asteria immediately drops to her knees and pukes. Something fills her with intense nausea. Magnus feels a similar nausea but he is able to keep his lunch. The only other member of the party effected was Alistair, as a piercing pain tears through his skull. They press on and as they enter the chamber below the strangeness gets worse.

Magnus uses his magical sight to try and identify what is causing this nausea. Though not powerful, he can see a faint magic aura ahead. Entering the room, they are met with a disturbing sight. Three more bodies of the Silent Guard, identified by Magnus, was floating ten feet off the floor. The magic found here doesn’t appear to be strong enough to cause either the nausea or the floating effect. Testing the room, nothing else seems to float, just the bodies. So far each of the guards has had a single massive wound, a killing blow for each of them. After yet another encounter with hostile kobolds, the group tries a different plan. Trying to avoid more enemies, the group decides to go back to the small garden chamber and climb up to the roof of the keep. This proves to be a prosperous decision.

The group had little trouble getting up the wall. When they get to the top they see a crenelated bridge pathway leading out to the keep’s outer walls. This leads to the large gatehouse that is the only true entrance to the keep. It seems to be a safe path to freedom. The heroes drop down to the roof of the keep and make their way out to the walls. That’s when they notice the walls are somewhat guarded. They are met with some opposition, but it proves to be a simple matter. They make their way over to the guardhouse and find the mechanism that raises the portcullis. As they open the large gate to exit the keep, their freedom seems to be within their grasp.

The Path to Freedom

All that lies in their way now is a very long bridge. The bridge is only wide enough for a single cart or wagon to travel on. There are no guard rails on the sides and a simple mishap could send a hero plummeting hundreds of yards to the earth below. Baerik takes a look at the bridge and finds a conundrum he can’t explain. The bridge is over 200 feet across but there was no support of any kind under it. Nothing was holding this bridge up. Another unexplainable fact is the wind. It blows wild and powerful across the bridge, easily strong enough to blow them clean over the side. When they are ready to cross, they find no problem from the wind. It is as if it did not even exist.

The remaining opposition was the final guard tower, typically the first sentry met while traveling to the keep. A group of kobolds stood guard upon the tower. They manned a rather large mounted crossbow. Kathung! A large bolt fires toward Baerik. The barbarian steps aside easily as the bolt ricochets off the bridge and into open air. With an arcane word and an outstretched hand, Magnus fires a bolt of pure force magic. ”Traaaaaaaaaahk!” the kobold screams and falls dead. Katwang! Another bolt is fired. The aim is adjusted slightly and not everyone can dodge the speeding bolt. Maz-toa-OPA! Magnus releases a great beam of force using both hands this time. KABOOOOM!!! The giant crossbow explodes in a great burst of force energy; a surprise even to Magnus. The kobolds are no more; the heroes are free to take the path down the mountain.


After a couple days of travel the heroes approach the town at the base of the mountain. Farms begin to come into view and the fertilizer fills the air. Unfortunately, passing the farms and reaching the town gate did not change the putrid smell much. There was a certain… funk… in the air that seemed to encompass the entire town. Even as the gates were closed as they approach, Alistair was able to show his lineage papers. The guards wouldn’t dare deny entry to a Lord of the Reaches.

Entering the town the group finally understood. The town was in a level of disrepair. The streets were scattered with garbage and other refuse. The construction was unkempt and was in desperate need of some care. It was dark so it wasn’t evident that the entire town was in this condition, but everything they saw told the heroes this town was greatly neglected. They continued down the road until they reached the tavern suggested by the guard at the gate, the More Tail Donkey.

Inside the tavern was a much better scene. The people here appeared happy despite their town’s condition. They wore smiles and were stomping their feet, trying to stay in tune with the music as they enjoyed the two musicians playing in the center of the room. The two entertainers were a male and a female that had a striking resemblance to each other. Through the ruckus of the crowd, a voice could almost be heard, the words not quite audible. The voice repeats itself; ”KENRICK!” is bellowed above the noise of the crowd. A young lad carrying a serving tray cries out once more; ”Kenrick! Is that you!” Finally, after the dreary events of the last few days, a light shines in the dark. Kenrick turns to face the voice and stands face-to-face with his young squire, and younger brother… Airryl Stanhurst.

For the briefest of moments, something good comes from the predicament the heroes have found themselves in. Kenrick’s retainers have all survived and are scraping out a living in the town of Brickhaven. The moment passes as they learn the most disturbing bit of information yet. The heroes traveled to the Moonshade Keep a year ago, and have been missing ever since.

Why did the heroes go to Moonshade Keep? Why is their last memory that of the tavern in Arindale? Will they ever find out what happened in that lost year? Should they even try?


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