Known as the Ash Wastes, the Blighted Land, or the Scorched Land, Sandhorn is the only desert region of Eridus but its more than a desert. The province is totally inhospitable to mortal existence and only the most dedicated people can live in this region. It is a blasted land that seems to be in a perpetual dieing state.

Sandhorn is located on the island of Aliandess. The island is on the western side of Eridus just north of Raegous. The province is mostly a barren wasteland. Very little vegetation can be found here at all. There are very few places in this entire region that could support life for an extended amount of time.


  • +1 bonus to Wisdom
  • Gain resist 2 fire(or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)
  • You gain 1 additional Healing Surge

Province Society

The settlers of Sandhorn are a close family type community. They are similar to a tribal people rather than the typical government you find throughout Eridus. They know that the only way to survive such harsh conditions is to stick together and work for the community rather than ones own goals. In many ways the settlers here are still like everyone else. They have settlements around the island, they trade with one another and they work for a living. That is where the similarities end. The people here live for their community, not for themselves.

Each settlement within Sandhorn is considered a separate tribe or clan. It requires the effort of nearly every individual working together to support a given clan. Each person within the clan has a job or chore. If that job is not completed, or the work or duties are neglected, that is a crime against the community and those involved are punished according to the severity of the responsibility. Sometimes the punishment is death.

The land of Sandhorn is governed not by a governor like other provinces, but by someone with similar duties and far more power. The leaders of different clans answer to a single clan master called the Overseer. This clan lord dictates the laws and decides the duties of the other clans and tribes. The Overseer controls the province through his own clan located within the Capitol of Heladus. He is the ultimate power; settlements or clans live or die by his decision.

The land is so harsh the conditions are usually worse than those found in most deserts. It is always hot and very dry. It is gray and lifeless and even walking across the ground causes a cloud of ash to gather. When the wind blows, it is almost impossible to see or breathe. The inhabitants of this island are usually wrapped in layers of clothes. Their head is always covered and the eyes are protected by glass shields tied to the face.

Sandhorns rarely trust strangers. They live in a society where one must trust each other, their neighbors, and their clan members. When it comes down to it, they don’t trust who they don’t know. Strangers are always unwelcome and never considered guests. The various tribes found throughout the island trust one another only so far as to trade with them. Trade with neighboring communities is important for the survival of the province. There are many forms of trade, form remote locations between the settlements to invitations within the various clans. Of course, this also brings strife and conflict.


The island of Aliandess is an enigma to scholars and sages. It is almost as if the land is dead, or dying. It refuses to allow more than minor vegetation. The only plant life found on the island is flat grassland. There are no trees whatsoever.

Ash Wastes: The Ash Wastes is a large area covering the midsection of the island. It is a rough, hilly terrain of nothing but dead land. It is always very hot and dry in this area and the wind can go from a dead calm to a heavy gust in mere moments and without warning. Throughout the Wastes there are geysers of hot air and ash that spray up into the air from under the ground. Anyone nearby can be severely burned if not killed. It is gray and lifeless and the ground is covered in a layer of burnt waste. When the wind blows it is similar to a sandstorm in the desert. The only difference is the ash can burn if it gets into the eyes, nose or mouth.

Gray Plains: These flatlands are one of the only spots in Sandhorn that actually has vegetation. The land is mostly dead when looking over it, but there are large patches of grass and weeds here and there. The Gray Plains is located on the west coast of the island and is nearly flat. The temperature is always very warm to hot. Even out here where the land actually supports some life, it looks as though it’s on the verge of dying.

Heaven’s Breath Mountains: This is the one spot in Sandhorn that is still teaming with life. Light vegetation still grows in the mountains, including some secluded wooded areas. In addition, there are herds of goats and other wildlife among the peaks. The mountains are a good source of iron and other metals for the entire community living in the province.

Windswept Plains: This small stretch of grassland is blocked on three sides with mountains. The peaks cover the north, east, and southern border of the Windswept Plains. The western border is open to the Ash Wastes. These plains are a little bit livelier than the Gray Plains but they are still in bad shape. The land is only barely fertile enough to grow wheat or corn. The phenomenon that gives the plains their name is the constant gusting wind. It never stops nor does it slow down. The wind is not nearly enough to blow a full grown man off his feet, but its hard enough to blow the heaviest cloak up off the back. It blows from different directions, changing sporadically. It’s as if it’s blowing form all three mountain locations around the plains.

Mord Lake: Mord Lake is located within the Windswept Plains. The constant wind churns the water making it rough and unyielding. The lake provides some resources to the people of Yate Mord, but it is too violent for any kind of boat fishing. Unfortunately its greatest commodity, fishing, is limited to the shoreline.

Rak Lake: Rak Lake is located near the heart of the Gray Plains. It provides a good amount of resources to the surrounding settlements, including a well needed water supply. Those that rely on the lakes support believe it is short lived. Like everything else in this land, it seems the lake itself is dying. The lake provides very little life at all; fish, seaweed, algae, all is in short supply. Worst of all, each year the water becomes more and more stale. Soon it will not even be safe to drink it.

Province Features

Sandhorn is not heavily populated but each of its settlements is densely settled. The people of the province huddle in closely built structures. Sometimes a full block of houses are built together as one structure. This is mostly for protection and security rather than convenience. The people have learned to weather some of the worst conditions in Eridus to live here. They have even mastered the Ash Wastes themselves and found resources deep within its soil.

Heladus [Large Walled City: 17,053]: Heladus is home of the Ash Lords, the most powerful clan in the province. The chief or leader of the Ash Lords is the Overseer of all other clans. The city is built in the center of te Ash Wastes, the most dangerous and deadly spot of the entire province. This is a show of strength to the other clans. In addition, the city is built with very high walls. This protects the clan from the harsh ash storms from the Wastes. The houses are mostly made of adobe and stone with flat roofs. Most of the structures have nothing but dirt floors. Only the most prestigious within the clan have finished floors of any kind.

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