Ser Ryver Kriegieh

Commander Ryver is tall with only an average build. He has a rough look about him, that of a veteran soldier. His stern look gives nothing away, making him appear grim and hard. He is always clean and properly dressed for a man of his station but his face shows the ages he has been a soldier. He has a rough complexion with pockmarked cheeks and small scars about his face. He shows a bit of gray through his dark hair.

Commander Ryver is not the broad, muscular built soldier one would expect from someone of his reputation and years of service. His tall and straight demeanor shows authority at all times and he never offers anything less, even when he is dealing with the local merchants and nobles. He is known as a fair man when it comes to the people of Skulldrop, but the security of the Fort is his number one priority. This sometimes causes fits from the local nobles. He is very direct in his speech but fair in his dealings.

Ser Ryver can be brass and seem arrogant in his position; he may even come across as uncaring. He is actually a decent man and a good soldier that puts the needs of his people first. He was not at all happy when the area around his Fort became settled by his countryman. He would prefer the quiet serenity of the Fort and his duty to protect his people against the threats beyond the Cliff. With the village springing up around him, it adds an unnecessary element he was not counting on; the needs of the people living within his boundaries.

Now that the village has been around for a while, Commander Ryver sees the importance of the recreation it provides for his men. Having a place they can go to wind down while off duty has played an important part in the moral of the Fort.

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