Session 1 Summary

Game Date: May 16, 2009

Heroes: Persephone, Goli, Bagheera, Lysandros, Laertes, Thorgan, Rhinox, and Dashiell

Skulldrop is a fort out in the middle of nowhere, the far northern region of the Mentiel province. It is a brick wall, a sentinel, against the bestial races beyond the Ridgeback Cliff. Skulldrop is also the name of the settlement that has grown around the fort. The people here have always felt safe and done their business with relative ease. Not only because of the guards from the Fort, but the area draws a very special type of clientele. With the promise of fortune and fame, adventurers from all over Eridus come to this village and wait for their turn to pass through the Great Gates.

The Fort has a reputation. The tribal humanoids from beyond the Cliff have never breached the Great Gates and have never gotten past the Skulldrop walls. That is, until now. Today screams of panic and battle filled the air as goblins seamed to appear from nowhere and attacked the defenders of Mentiel. It was a fierce attack and the guards were sorely outnumbered. What turned the tides in the favor of the guards were the same adventurers that come to find that fame and glory. They found it today, surprisingly in the streets of Skulldrop.

Many of the adventurers came to the aid of the guards and hunted down the goblins in the streets, but a specific group took the time to found where their skills would be most effective. These Heroes found guards stopped in alleyways and lent their expertise. They found guard reinforcements ambushed by goblins and were able to get them on their way. They even found a small group of guards cornered and badly outnumbered and were able to keep them from breathing their last. What set these adventurers apart from the others? They did not just hunt goblins; they gave aid to the guards where they needed it most.

This band of Heroes included Bagheera the animalistic druid, Persephone the elven spirit talker, Goli the goliath warden of beasts, Lysandros the eladrin warlord, Laertes the flamboyant human swordsman, Thorgan the dwarven soldier, Rhinox the mysterious woodsman, and finally the angelic avenger, Dashiell. They fought a battle that was not their own help the guards rout the goblins back where they came from. But that is the question is it not? Where did the goblins come from?

When the fighting was all over and the dust settled, the goblins were either dead or gone. The Stone was put on high alert and all gates were closed, barring anyone from getting in or out. Guards were doubled around the Fort gates and more importantly, egress through the Great Gates was halted. Access to the Jagged Plains was closed off. By order of the Commander of Skulldrop, the Fort and the Stone was sealed.

The Heroes began looking for clues as to where the goblins came from. Some went to the rooftops to seek answers among the crowds. The streets were a jumbled mess and little was revealed. Some used their skills with magic and learned that the similar cloaks the goblins were wearing had residual magic upon them. At one time they were imbued with minor magic. Still others used their skills of the streets to find some answers. It turns out a shady character was buying special components from traveling merchants. Why was he avoiding the merchants of the village?

A couple of the Heroes wanted answers about the magic so they went to the best place they could find, the Skull Tower of the Stone. The Skull Tower is the magical defense of Skulldrop but they also provide merchandise of a magical nature. Unfortunately that got them very little since they didn’t know the types of ingredients that were being gathered. One thing is known; with the scope of this assault it would take a great deal of components to supply so many goblins. The Tower is a major source of such ingredients but they know nothing of a purchase of that magnitude.

The Heroes had reached a dead end. It seemed they were following an invisible trail and it led them nowhere. The guards were of little help and the Commander was too busy for an audience. They would need some tangible proof to show the Commander before they would be allowed into the Fort. The only alternative at this time was to pick a direction and go. Their best guess was to head for the sewers.

Reasoning out which manholes were most used, and gaining permission from the local sheriff, they began their adventure into the dark sewers of the Stone. It did not take long for to find a trail to follow for the entrance they used was a good choice. They poked their heads into the first passage and heard whispers coming from down the hall, followed by hurried footsteps fading away. Unfortunately this meant splitting the party to investigate both occurrences.

Half of the party turned right and began following where they heard the voices. They found a passage on the left and entered a chamber. The room was furnished with ragtag sleeping palettes. Possibly the room was setup as some sort of den. It would only be after they met up with their fellows that it proved to be a den of goblins.

The other half of the party went left; in the direction they heard the fading movement. They turned right into the first passage they seen and met face-to-face with a large band of goblins. This could have proved to be a deadly decision since the rest of the party was off scouting something else. A battle ensued; their only hope was to hold them off long enough for the others to return as reinforcements.

The battle seemed to go on forever as the small band of Heroes taking on more wounds. Fatigue was slowing them and a couple of the Heroes finally succumbed to their severe wounds. They lie dieing in the sewer passage, their comrades able to do nothing but defend them against further damage. They were holding out as best they could and finally help arrived. It turns out the other half of the party heard the fight and came to help their new allies.

With the arrival of reinforcements the Heroes had the upper hand. They made short work of the goblins as the last few tried to escape and flee. The Heroes pursued them to the last. They spared the last two from certain death, only knocking them unconscious, certainly for interrogation later.

Goblins were able to get into the village where the Fort had never been breached before. They were highly organized showing signs of a precise plan as they focused on the guards themselves instead of plunder. What were the goblins trying to accomplish? Where did the goblins come from and how did they move through the streets without being seen by someone? Who was the mysterious man buying the components only from the traveling merchants and what is his role in all of this? What is the next step for the Heroes and where will they go from there?

Laertes Comments: The real travesty is that my clothes are ripped to shreds and I'm covered in shit.

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