Session 11 Summary

August 1st, 2009

Heroes: Drakkus, Dashiell, Thorgan, Staephon, Persephone, Lysandros, Laertes, Bagheera, Kebi Dabu, and Uth’Hets joined later

The adventurers are well on their way to finally solving the mystery of who planned the assault on Skulldrop. They are hot on the trail of the humans that allied the Deepspear goblin tribe with the Rageclaw hobgoblin warband. They have fought some of their elite members and faced one or two of the ones called Avatars. They are currently searching through the monastery these humans are using as their base of operations.

The heroes found the beacon the compass was leading them too. It was coming from a large chamber toward the back of the monastery. They found a scarred Avatar kneeling at the fire like he worshipped it or was praying to it. The Avatar proved to be much less of a threat than the last one they faced and after a search of the remains, they started off to continue their search. Leaving the chamber of the beacon proved to be more trouble than they thought. Coming through the door leading deeper into the monastery were the troops they left behind earlier. Thinking the Avatar would finish the intruders off; these soldiers came to look at the carnage and got more than they bargained for.

One of the Legion soldiers was spared and the heroes decided to question him. The new member known as Drakkus proved to be quite intimidating, softening him up for some diplomacy on the party of Staephon and Kebi Dabu. Lysandros helped out where he could and Dashiell assured the man he would be set free. He gave them the location of the war room, which would most assuredly be occupied, plus the whereabouts of the remaining two Avatars.

It was a large group of the strange organization known as the Legion, but they were nothing special and the heroes dispatched them forth with. Continuing into the next room once again they came to the library, or the study. This time Kebi Dabu had caught up with the adventuring party and decided to have a look around at the books. He was quickly told they could be confiscated on the way out and the group moved on.

The heroes continued straight through the study and entered what looked like a training hall of sorts. Unfortunately it was no longer being used for training. Instead it was setup with tables covered in plans and maps and bookcases held rolled pieces documents and other information. Just as the soldier said, it was occupied by four elite members of the Legion. In a shaky and drawn out fight the heroes finally prevailed, but not without a casualty. Kebi Dabu was overwhelmed by the abilities of his adversaries and fell in battle. Persephone tried to revive him, but it was fruitless. He was already gone. Many were worn out from this battle and they decided to rest in the next room.

Persephone was on second watch in the small room and could here movement in the next room. Footsteps came close to the door and then moved away, fading into the distance. Moments later, after they thought it was safe to continue resting, the door was blasted open and a number of Legion soldiers confronted the intruding heroes. During the battle a newcomer entered the fray. Uth’Hets the half-orc stormed into the war room and engaged the Legion archers. This was a small assassination party and they were eventually dispatched like the rest of those threatening the heroes.

After finally resting and regaining their strength, and Bagheera protecting the fallen body of Kebi Dabu from Thorgan, they continued their search for the leader that was supposedly here. They followed a hallway off of the study that lead to a series of small rooms made for single occupants. Apparently they came too close to the office of the Grand Avatar; they were discovered at the second room they searched. The largest and most dangerous battle this group has ever seen quickly ensued.

The Grand Avatar introduced himself by addressing his subordinates, proving that the other Avatar, Deogol, was there as well. Together with two other Legion members, they engaged the heroes, bent on salvaging what was left of their plans. The Grand Avatar Firozhane proved to be a worthy adversary and very difficult to beat. The battle was long and difficult. Many of the heroes fell, only to be brought back by the will of the leaders in the party. Firozhane pushed the attack using his connection to his gods to push back his foes. His followers, including the Avatar Deogol, pressed forward with their advantage. It was a gruesome battle and it was looking grim for the adventurers.

Eventually, when all looked lost, a few good strikes against the Avatar of War felled him finally. The same could be said about the cleric working behind the Grand Avatar. Finally it was between the heroes and the Grand Avatar himself. Firozhane called upon the aid of his gods many times, and they answered. Time and time again the adventurers were imprisoned in a divine hold that burned as it trapped them. The Grand Avatar fought as hard as he could, he even slew another hero, Laertes died in battle. The party was able to surround him and overwhelm him with numbers, and finally slew him. He gave praise to his unknown gods while he fell.

All seemed quiet as the heroes searched through the aftermath. They even found some information in the office, a letter from someone called the High Astral. Then a tremor was felt shaking the monastery slightly. It was disregarded but Dashiell had concerns about the beacon, or the portal. Moments later another shockwave went through the building; this one stronger than the last. The walls began to cracks and fall apart. Another shockwave, this one knocked a couple party members to the floor. They rushed to get out of the monastery. The group made it outside before feeling another tremor shake the ground. They noticed pulses of magical energy striking downward along the path of the beacon, each one shaking the monastery to its foundation. One last blast caused blue flames to engulf the entire valley where the structure stood. Now it stands no more. It is now a burning heap in the bowl of the valley. The heroes can do nothing but watch as it burns. They can’t help wonder where the magic came from.

Who is this mysterious Legion? Why did they want Skulldrop so bad? Why is Eridus so important to them? These are hard questions to answer with very little clues. One thing the prisoner did tell the adventuring party, there would be more of them.

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