Session 12 Summary

August 15th, 2009

Heroes: Dashiell, Thorgan, Staephon, Lysandros, Bagheera, and Kebi Dabu; Kairn joined the group and Uth’Hets went his separate way.

The mystery is over. The adventuring party that began the investigation into the goblin attack on Skulldrop has solved the puzzle. They discovered who was behind the attacks, which planned the entire scheme against the defenders on the Ridgeback Cliff. Now they stand on the path leading back up the mountain looking down on the ruins of the Galaedar Monastery that stood there just moments before.

Are they sure it’s over? Has this Legion foothold been defeated? Truly? There was only one way to find out. The group headed back down the road toward the ruins. They had to be sure the threat was ended. They found a letter signed by a High Astral, surely a high ranking member of the Legion. They wanted to be sure he was not an immediate threat. They began sifting through the rubble.

After just about a full days search through the wreckage, the party decided this threat was over. They had learned all they were going to learn at this time; though thoughts did rise to the surface. Is this the end of the Legion? Most assuredly it is not. The letter mentioned the importance of Eridus in their plans. Where will they try to set up base next? It is impossible to tell at this time unfortunately. The adventurers started their long journey back to Skulldrop, with good news for the inhabitants there. Stopping off at the camp they found, they took a much needed rest. In the morning the group gathered their fallen comrades and set out for their destination.

The travel back was long and very slow, but they would make sure they at least tried to revive their friends. The danger of Skeldon Pass did not repeat itself, this time. When they reached the other side of the mountains, their destination was clear. Far below in the hills was the road that would take them back to the Fort. Knowing the path they were going to take made things much easier, but it did not change the fact the mountains were uncaring and relentless. With a bit of care and the growing skills of the party, they reached the base of the mountain unharmed. The rest of the way back was long and boring, and uneventful.

Upon reaching the Fort, the adventuring band was immediately escorted through the gates, up through the winding passages, and to the command building. They did not wait long to gain an audience with the Commander. The proof they brought back was able to convince the Commander the threat was over, for now. With his thanks, and a gift from the First Advisor, the gates of Skulldrop were opened once again. The goblin threat is back to the level it should be.

The group immediately headed for the churches located in the lower village. Just below the west gate is a temple of the Raven Queen and a temple to Pelor on the same street. It would cost a hefty sum, but it was possible to call their friends back from the dead. Almost half the original adventuring party fell to this quest. Rhinox, Kebi Dabu, Laertes, and Goli McKraken all fell to the power of the Avatars. All was not lost though; the gods shined upon them and offered their blessing. With a bit of time and a hefty donation 2 of the party members were returned to full health. Courage must be renewed with future travels and adventures. Sadly, Laertes and Goli were not able to return to the land of the living. A sad truth, but the adventuring life is not for the meek at heart.

Within the temple of Pelor is a shrine to Bahamut and Moradin. It just so happened a traveler was resting at the temple. A follower of Moradin named Kairn thought to join the band of heroes hearing that a dwarf ran the operation. To fill the last place, Staephon had chosen to remain with the party and continue his travels with them.

During their stay at the Fort, the party decided to hunt down some clues on the Legion and some other things they had learned. Staephon met someone that wanted to talk to the party. Lysandros and Prometheus hunted down some leads and found that an association call the Ancient Eridus Historical Group (or AEHG for short) bought the location of the ruins that were discovered just a short time ago. Once the party got back together the party decided to meet with the lady named Tavelina.

Tavelina turned out to be a representative of AEHG. She caught wind of the success the party had against the goblins and their thorough investigation of the entire affair. She wanted to hire them a more commercial task. AEHG wants the heroes to investigate these new ruins and make sure it is safe for the researchers and scholars of the association to go down there and study the halls. With a payment of 500gp waiting for them, and the assumption they will keep any immediate valuables they find, the group agreed.

What are these ruins all about? What will the heroes found in a place that has been buried for centuries? What knowledge can be found in a place that old; what treasures? The party has decided to continue their travels and investigate these deep dark passages together. The goblin assault brought them all together, but for what purpose? What fate lies in store for these heroes? What role do they play in the scheme of Awlidan?

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