Session 13 Summary

August 22nd, 2009

Heroes: Dashiell, Thorgan, Lysandros, Bagheera, Rhinox, and Kairn; Kebi Dabu caught up with the party later.

Game Date: Solisdain, Falling, AD1017

No rest for the wicked some people say. No rest for heroes either. The band of adventures that gathered together to solve the mystery of the assault on Skulldrop has decided to stay together and are now on a new adventure. This time it is not for the safety of the people or bringing justice to a ragtag band of goblins. This time they are mercenaries and sellswords. They are on a mission to a set of abandoned ruins recently discovered buried beneath the hills of the Jagged Plains. Out in the middle of nowhere with a star-filled sky, the heroes try to rest, and fail.

During the middle of the night a band of goblinoids interrupted their slumber. They talked of proving themselves as they launched their assault against the sleeping party. The group awoke and laid into the goblins eliminating them readily. Unfortunately that was not the end of their troubles. Either the goblins were being hunted themselves, or the noise of the battle caught unwanted attention. Shortly after the goblin attack, during the third watch of the night, a hunting party of giants stormed into the camp.

The battle was questionable on which way it would go. There were several shouts of retreat by the heroes. Against giants that could pulverize bones and tear people in half the might have been a good idea. It changes the plans when one of your own has already fallen. Bagheera the Druid was the scout crying for everyone too wake, but he himself got too close to the giants before he could retreat back to camp. Four were too many for him to handle and he fell. The party would not leave one of their own behind so they fought on. The giant with two heads appeared to be the hunting leader of this small group. Luckily for the heroes, when the other 3 giants fell, the two-headed one proved to be a coward and fled. Finally they were able to get the rest they needed.

In the morning the adventurers packed up camp and continue their search for the ruins. The map led them to a location and with keen eyes the group was able to locate a hole in the floor of a deep ravine. Looking down the hole the group found manmade passages below them. Getting down there proved to be difficult for some, easy for others. Which one is which depends on your point of view. As they gathered around the hole, it collapsed, sending some of the party plummeting to the passage below. Eventually they were all able to begin their journey in the ruins.

The passage they found was a duel layer passage. It was 40-foot wide, but the 20 feet in the center was open and that part of the passage was actually part of the next level, 40 feet below. They began their search by traveling the large open passages. It did not take long for them to be noticed by some of the inhabitants down here. Shortly after they began their trek down the passage, several strange underground creatures ambushed them in the hopes of making the heroes their next meal. One was a floating brain with many long tentacles hanging down. There was a squid like worm that attacked Thorgan and a humanoid with rope-like limbs tried to hang Rhinox. Eventually the heroes prevailed and finally moved on.

Their exploration continued as they found rooms filled with barrels, crates, boxes, and other containers holding food stuffs. It appears they found the pantry of the complex. Though most of the food was bad or eaten by the rats, several days rations were salvaged. Continuing their journey the party found a peculiar fellow known as the Noble Rat. His room had more boxes and crates, with some stacked in the fashion of a make-shift throne. He proclaimed himself the king of the rats and with rat features of his own it wasn’t hard to figure out why.

The Noble Rat did not pick a fight with the adventurers, which stuck in Dashiell’s craw. Instead he struck a bargain with the adventurers. He had information on the portals found on this level. He would tell the heroes how to work the portals if they cleared the large central room to the east. They agreed.

The party marched off to take care of business. They immediately began looking for this large room occupied by their old enemies the goblins. The Noble Rat gave them pretty good instructions and as they passed through a nexus-type room with a huge hole in it, the passages on the other side led to the room they were looking for. The large misshaped room seemed to be some sort of group study room or experimental laboratory. In the largest part of the room was a square mud pool that turned out to be occupied by earthen creatures made of mud. The Noble Rat did not steer them wrong, the goblins were there just like he said. Shortly after the battle started, the mud creatures emerged from the pool and attacked the heroes. When the goblins were gone, they the mud creatures disappeared. The room was apparently clear.

The heroes began checking the other exits to the room. Two of them led to other passages, one even led to another wide passage. The last room was something totally different, and proved to be more trouble for Thorgan that he liked. The door opened to a small passage leading to a small, office sized room. The furniture was torn to pieces, little pieces, scattered along the walls. The walls themselves were splattered with multiple layers of dried blood and bones were mixed in with the wood of the furniture. The adventurers decided to investigate. Kebi Dabu felt a magical presence in the center of the room, in midair. A whistling began and suddenly the room was filled with a raging wind, a tornado was now filling the little room. Everyone except Thorgan was able to dive for cover. Thorgan was swept up by the winds, showing him that a dwarf can be moved, and can be knocked around. The winds were slamming him against the walls threatening to tear him apart. A couple of his teammates were going to try and fish him out, literally, but finally the dwarf was able to fight his way out of the small room. Shortly afterward the winds dissipated, but for how long. They quickly left that room alone and headed back to the Rat King.

Returning to the Noble Rat, the adventurers gave the heads to the rat subjects. As the rats feasted the Noble relinquished his information. The portals have many different symbols and carvings on them, but only a few actually activate them. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water seems to be the four symbols that activate the portals on this level. The deal was made and honored, though there seemed to be some difference in opinion as to how to deal with the Noble Rat since their job was to clear the ruins. Further negotiations went nowhere and the heroes decided to honor their side of the bargain and left peacefully.

Talking with the Noble Rat did reveal the presence of more goblinoids down in these ruins, as well as large lizard creatures farther down on another level. The heroes went back to the room where they attacked the goblins and tracked them back to where the other goblinoids were. They entered a large barracks that was lined with bunk beds. It seems the goblins had turned this into part of their lair. A large group of goblins were found mulling over a pile of garbage. The heroes have very special feelings for goblins, and none of them are good. They attacked with a burning fury and quickly dispatched the wretched beasts. They did find something odd in the mix. The bugbear was something more than a mere goblinoid; it was a shapeshifter of some sort.

The room had three exits but only one was marked with a pair of crossing axes. The small passage beyond the door led to yet another room with goblinoids. This room was filled with the more experienced goblins, goblins the others called “masters.” Commanders and blademasters and hexers were hold up in this room. The party overheard them talking about plans to eliminate the rats as well as the troglodyte troublemakers from below. Once again the heroes engaged in a little goblin head bashing. Who would miss a few goblins right?

The heroes have already dealt with several rooms filled with goblins, but their intel reveals a master goblin named Hexigrim the Warlord. This hobgoblin is lord of the Twoaxe hobgoblin warband. Is this their next target? What will they do with the Rat King? What is this place that seems to have a connection to the Elemental Chaos? It seems much more can be uncovered here, and much to learn.

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