Session 14 Summary

August 29th, 2009

Heroes: Dashiell, Thorgan, Lysandros, Bagheera, Rhinox, Kairn, Prometheus, and Persephone

Game Date: Newdain, Falling 20, AD1017

They say adventure stems from the unknown, and the pursuit of discovery. The heroes are now deep in the unknown delving through a recent discovery. A set of ruins were found to the north of Skulldrop Keep, deep in the treacherous hills of the Jagged Plains. Their own discovery was not the unknown at all, it was the realization that some things never change.

These manmade passages are no longer inhabited by man. The adventurers found yet another band of goblinoids vying for supremacy over these halls. Their first find was a group of augmented rats and that led them to their meeting with the Noble Rat, leader of the vermin down here. They decided to help this creature that was posing no threat and went to eliminate some goblins that were hold up in a large room. After several bouts with more goblins the adventurers decided to rest. That is where this scene begins.

The heroes moved over to the west side of the complex to rest in one of the storage rooms. Some were so worn out they could simply sleep on a series of boxes. With abilities spent and many fatigued to the point of collapse, rest was necessary. Thinking they were safe within the territory of the Rat King proved to be their undoing.

All was quiet in the complex, until third watch. Prometheus and Persephone were watching over the other resting heroes when sounds of scratching and chewing could be heard from nearly every direction of the room. Others woke from the sound as rats of every size burst into the room. The heroes were not taken by surprise though with many of the areas guarded against the rodent intruders. One swift battle later and tempers were flaring. The Rat King betrayed their trust.

After everyone was rested the call to arms rang out. These heroes were just and merciful, good natured while dealing with the Noble Rat. This is nothing new; this is how heroes are supposed to be. Now the tide has changed with the assault of the Noble Rat’s subjects. Blood for blood, this attack must be answered. All were ready as they stormed off looking for the Noble Rat. Their first stop was the room they found him in when first they met, it was right down the hall from where they were attacked, and it was empty. The whole deal with the ratman was to clear the large room to the east so he could claim it for himself. That is the next logical place he would be, the search continued but did not last long. The adventurer’s second choice was accurate; he was in what they call the “Mud Room.”

The heroes confronted the ratman and he scoffed at them. He claimed the rats were uncontrollable, when just the day before he claimed to be able to control them. The ratman made a very bad mistake when he initiated the fight with the adventurers. The Noble Rat proved to be a simple target for Rhinox the hunter as he nearly cut him in half in the first 6 seconds of combat. The ratman was no match for the adventurers and neither were his subjects and experiments. The heroes came out victorious.

The adventurers decided to take advantage of the spoils of war. They gathered up some equipment and some valuables and left the chamber with new dead bodies to watch over it. Now back to their plan before the ratman rudely interrupted them. The heroes continued their search for the hobgoblin warlord. They continued north through the complex and found him in a bedchamber with other goblinoids that could have been his commanders or chiefs. Instead of an immediate conflict the warlord opened with a proposition. He offered the group 100gp and 2 gems worth another 100gp to go below and end the threat of the lizardfolk that somehow come up to this level for raids. They decided to choose caution with these creatures that are known well for their treachery. Lysandros, Dashiell, and Rhinox stepped forward to take a look at the gems the goblin offered and scoffed at the deal. They told the warlord they would simply take them… a fight broke out. The adventurers proved to be true to their word. The warlord surrendered and the spoils were theirs.

The warlord proved to have valuable information. It seems there is yet another level to this complex. Far down the hole is a cavern level harboring the lizardfolk and the gods know what else. He traded the information with his life and he walked away as the adventurers continued their search of the complex.

The heroes finally came across one of the portals at the end of the duel passages. The archway had nothing but a stone wall within it, but marking its face was dozens and dozens of symbols and markings. The group pulled every bit of knowledge and resource they had and finally was able to decipher the runes. They found the ones that represented Air, Earth, Fire, and Water in the Primordial language. Unfortunately they did not stop there. Lysandros decided to experiment a little and press some other combinations, with explosive results. The group decided they had more things to do on this level before using the portals, they continued on.

There was not much left to this level, only a few rooms and passages. The adventurers actually found a dining hall but it had the remaining carnage of a recent battle between goblinoids and lizardfolk. Continuing on they discovered some sort of study hall where the previous occupants of this place was researching stone animation and possibly a consciousness for statues. The heroes found exactly what they were studying in the next room.

Passing through the double doors in the study room the adventurers found a T shaped room with a large, misshapen statue at each point. The statues held a large brazier with both hands. Between the daises of the first two statues, lying on the cold floor was the mangled remains of a gray skinned dwarf. As the party investigated the dwarf remains and the statues, they quickly learned how the dwarf earned his condition. The three statues came to life and attacked the heroes. It was not an easy fight; the statues were large and powerful. When they came within reach of each other, the statues slammed their braziers together sending sparks and cinders flying in all directions. Many of the adventurers were caught in the attack as they were burned and blinded by the flames and hot coals. After a long, drawn out battle, the heroes prevailed and destroyed the statues.

It seems the search through this level of the complex is complete. Where will the adventurers go from here? What lies below for the heroes? This complex is obviously inhabited and there are even some things left behind from previous inhabitants. Could this be more adventure than they bargained for? How much is too much?

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