Session 15 Summary

September 5th, 2009

Heroes: Dashiell, Thorgan, Bagheera, Rhinox, and Kairn; Kebi Dabu caught up after the first encounter.

Game Date: Niledain, Falling 22, AD1017

After a much needed rest the party continued their search through the complex. The decision was made to venture down to the next level. They found the portal nearby at the end of the double passage, pressed the sequence of symbols: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and stepped through the gateway that opened. The portal sent them 40 feet down to the passage below.

The group took their usual route and followed the first left break in the passage they found. As they followed the hallway they discovered a break in the wall. It looked like something broke through the wall from this passage and connected with a natural cavern. Curiosity got the better of the heroes and they chose to investigate. The cavern curved to the right and at the bend they found a campsite, a campsite large enough to accommodate a dozen medium creatures. They could hear voices from further in the cavern. Thorgan decided to call out to these strangers; “Hey you! Come out in the open where we can see you!” The voices stopped immediately. As the party spread out, some trying to hide, the party was set upon by a group of gray dwarves known as Duergar. The battle was fierce with one of the duergar hanging back throwing spell after spell. Bagheera and Kairn broke away to stop the charge of a couple of duergar moving along an upper portion of the huge cavern. The battle was close to ended when Bagheera and Kairn got a good hit on the duergar champion. The duergar’s anger grew as the creature himself expanded into a much larger combatant. The dark dwarf became a much more dangerous combatant, but with the help of the rest of the team the duergar were brought low.

As the party was picking through the remains, Kebi Dabu caught up with them and joined the adventure. They decided to press on through the cavern. They found 2 more camp sites supposedly belonging to the duergar. The camps were only proof there were more of the dark dwarves out there. Near the largest part of the cavern was a gigantic hole in the floor approximately 30 to 40 feet in diameter. Test were conducted to see how far the hole went but Kebi’s light would only go so far before winking out. As they continued to find ways to test the hole Bagheera chose a new shape and flew down to investigate. He traveled more than 70 feet down to find himself in a small cavern lit by glow of a pool of lava in its center. A path of lava worked its way from the western wall and emptied into the small pool in the center. Strange fungus and patches of lichen was growing around the room. This vegetation reacted to the parties light source lighting up the remainder of the room with bright light. Bagheera flew back up the hole to report his findings. By the suggestion of Dashiell, the party decided to continue on this level before venturing to another one.

The cave narrowed until it came to another break in the wall leading the heroes back to the complex. The passage should have allowed them to go right or left, but they found a cave-in blocking their usual choice. As the group explored more of this level they came upon many strange things. They found a room with a statue of a dark dwarf inside standing amidst a floor full of rubble. It appeared to be a duergar turned to stone. The room had battle scars throughout, but what happened to the other combatant? There were runes along the edge of all the walls and the floor, protective runes. The other strange thing was the ceiling. The worked stone was collapsed but the earth underneath remains intact overhead.

The next room they found was titled Elemental Research 35 by a plaque engraved above the door. As they entered, the room was extremely warm but not unbearable. A path of stone lead from the door they had opened to another door on the other side of the room. On either side of the path were pools of glowing hot lava. The room was not hot enough to sustain such a phenomenon. As they crossed the room creatures of fire burst from the lava pits to attack the heroes. There were fire bats, hell hounds, flame snakes, and magma hurlers, all wanting the death of the adventurers for no apparent reason.

After dispatching the fire creatures the party continued on and found yet another strange room. The entire floor of this room was dirt instead of stone, all except for a ring of stone in the far corner. The only portion of the floor that remained untouched and stone was the portion with the protection circle, and even that had a dirt floor in the center. The dirt all around the circle was blackened, like it was charred by fire. Of course the party had to investigate and that stirred the only thing occupying the room. A large elemental creature of dirt, stone, and rock rose up from the floor and attacked. Its earthen limbs shot out to grab Rhinox and pulled him into its elemental body. The burn of necrotic energy sucked the life from the ranger while healing the creature. After a long battle the corrupted earth was put to rest. Kebi Dabu surmised the ground was fused with the necrotic energy of the creatures that died in this room.

The next room had a title similar to the elemental research room. It was called Chaos Spawn Research 43. Opening the door revealed a room filled with bones, bones that covered the floor from wall to wall. Also in the room were 3 huge cages filled with piles of bones as tall as a human. Scattered about the room were more small piles of bones stacked up. The heroes decided to push their way through. As they got halfway through the room creatures burst from the bone piles in the cages. Retched demons called dretches pushed through the gates of the cages and attacked the party. The demons tried to work together and attack the weaker members of the party but the party was in between them. The dretches teamed up as best they could, attacking Kebi Dabu and other lightly armored members. The surprise came when the creatures first shed Kebi’s blood. Out of nowhere other demons appeared around Kebi and lashed out at him. These were called gnaw demons and they were drawn to the smell of blood and it caused them to go into a frenzy. Every time a party member was bleeding, these little demons would appear beside them and attack. It was a long and difficult fight but the heroes finally prevailed and sent the demons back to the Abyss where they belong.

What are all these rooms supposedly used for research and study? If the inhabitants of this place are long gone, why are the captives still trapped here? What were the people here studying? There has been a rumor floating around the party, or perhaps a guess to the purpose of this place. Some of the heroes believe they were studying the Elemental Chaos, but for what? Kebi Dabu was able to read the inscription around the Hole in the center of the complex; For the Return; Vathros’Zal the Shaper. What does it mean, and what kind of impact did this Primordial have on the people that lived here?

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