Session 17 Summary

September 25th, 2009

Heroes: Persephone, Rhinox, Kebi Dabu, Kairn, Lysandros, Staephon, and Dashiell

Game Date: Farsdain, Falling 24, AD1017

The adventurers from Skulldrop have been wondering the halls of this complex for several days now. They have worked their way down to the caves and are now searching through the natural passages there. They have discovered that some of the caves have been here awhile but they have been damaged by something. Many of the caverns and passages are scattered with debris, stone and earth now litter the floors. What could have created such damage?

The heroes’ first order of business is to rest up and regain their strength. In the cave with the ankheg nest there is only one entrance. It’s a spacious resting spot but it’s defendable. During their rest, the adventurers also learn it is a favored spot for trolls. Some time during their rest, a group of trolls wondered into the chamber. Rhinox could understand the Giant language they were speaking and heard them talking about this nest being a good spot for eggs. The heroes had to defend their camp before they could get a full nights rest.

After everyone was rested it was back to exploring the caves. They made their way south through the passages and came upon a wondrous discovery. Following one passage, they found their light source began to dance wildly off of something in the air in the cavern up ahead. What they saw was astounding. In the center of the large chamber was a huge raised section of floor about 15 feet high and over 50 feet across. Floating above this natural formed platform were large pieces of stone and earth, slowly spinning in a circle. Their light appeared to be reflecting off of the particles of dust floating with the chunks of earth. It magnified the light source to light up the entire cavern.

Kebi Dabu immediately went to work on identifying this phenomenon. With the help of Dashiell and Lysandros, they were able to figure out exactly what this was. They were standing before an Earth Node, a single spot that works as some sort of crossroads for the flow of natural elemental energies. This spot seems to be a focus for the forces of elemental earth. At one time there was a gargantuan stalagmite formed here. Kebi Dabu surmised that whoever lived in this complex was tapping into the Earth Node to perform many of the rituals they previously discovered. Unfortunately the constant draw on the Earth Node was damaging it. As the rituals and energy transfers were drawing on the Earth Node, the Node was deteriorating, crumbling ever so slowly. This damaging of the Earth Node caused pieces to break off and disintegrate, leaving behind a dust residue. That residue was pure Residuum.

Dashiell learned that the Residuum floating before the Earth Node could be used for rituals. The group decided to use the Enchant Magic Item to try and make something for their newest member, Kairn the dwarf. Their original plan was to make a suit of armor for the dwarf, but they discovered something else. During the ritual in question, the Residuum began to coalesce into the desired effect the group wanted. Dashiell learned there was more Residuum than they needed for making the item. Unfortunately the ritual was going to destroy whatever Residuum they didn’t use. Dashiell decided not to fight the ritual as it tried to form something completely different than the original plan, something that would use all the Residuum at once. When the ritual was done, a beautiful golden necklace fell to the floor.

After decided the new item should go to Kairn anyway, the group continued on their path. Traveling through more passages the group came upon a well lit cave and some loud voices inside. The large cave had a river of lava flowing through the center granting light throughout. On the other side of the lava, the party discovered a group of humanoids arguing. The gray skinned creatures known as Troglodytes are arguing with more trolls. The creatures spot the party and suddenly they are fighting for their lives.

The group moves forward to try a bottleneck maneuver, but most of the enemy break off and decided to jump along the rocks in the lava to get a better attack angle against the heroes. It is strange how the troglodytes, and especially the trolls, are unaffected by the raging heat coming from the lava river. As many of the group’s defenders move up to face the enemy, those with ranged attacks stay behind. This turns out to be a mistake. After a few seconds of combat goes by, the lava comes alive with flaming creatures and lava beasts. The new combatants immediately see the rear guard as easy pickings and attack. Between the fire creatures and the troglodytes moving around to attack from the rear, Rhinox gets into trouble trying to defend against all of them and falls. Thankfully there are healers about to help him.

The group finally vanquished the evil troglodytes and the vile trolls. After the fight the group notices strange red blotches on the skin of their enemy. These sores could be what were protecting the creatures from the intense heat. Kebi Dabu is starting to think maybe the Node is trying to protect itself.

The heroes continue to the fight as they investigate the ruins. There are more caves undiscovered, more places for them to search. What will they find? So far there have been giant insects, underground humanoids, and even fire creatures getting in their way. What else lies in the dark recesses of these ruins? Are the heroes up for the task? If Kebi is right and the Node is defending itself, how long before they are attacked directly? More importantly in Kebi Dabu’s mind, “Is the Node alive?”

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