Session 19 Summary

November 7th, 2009

Heroes: Bagheera, Kairn, Kebi Dabu, Lysandros, Dashiell, Staephon and Persephone

Game Date: Newdain, Falling 27, AD1017

It seems this complex has turned into more adventure than the heroes first realized. That is, if they are still in the complex. The adventurers followed a portal to an unknown destination and found themselves trapped in an underground ruined compound of some sort. Originally thought to be a village, this new complex soon proved to be something else. There was a small amount of housing down here, but not enough for a settlement. The structures the heroes found seemed very specific, like the people here had a specific central goal in mind when constructing each one.

After dispatching the walking dead when the group first arrived, they needed to get their bearings; they needed to see where they were. While much discussion went on through the party, Lysandros simply climbed a building and had a look around. Amidst the gloom from the black sun hanging over head, several structures seemed to be points of interest. There was a large building directly to the south of them as well as a dome shaped building close by. Both had extensive damage and seemed to be threatening collapse at any moment.

The building to the south was named the Ancients Grotto for some reason, the name written in Primordial above the entrance. This building had all the makings of a research and experiment college. There were numerous rooms for laboratories, research facilities, even rooms used for prisons protected with magical circles and runes. A preliminary search of the academy revealed several secret areas hidden in cellar-like bunkers. Each cellar had its own hidden entrance and they were kept separate. The markings, magical runes, and protection magic were very strong in these areas according to Dashiell, Kebi Dabu, and Lysandros. They erred on the side of caution and left these areas as is.

The group has been trying to find a way to fix the portal they came through or activate another way back to the surface. They could not find any such information in the Ancients Grotto so they moved on. The next closest building was named the Core of Masters, with the title written in the design on the floor of the central domed room along with the phrase, Conclave of Earth. This building was not empty however; the last master of the Conclave was here waiting. When the heroes arrived they were greeted by undead abominations, one being a Direguard wreathed in green flames called Sukkamet. Originally the creature wanted to parlay with the heroes. He carried on about them being the masters returned from the surface, here to take the last of the Conclave up to become masters of the lands. The conversation went south with too many questions about the Conclave and how to get back to the surface. Sukkamet deemed them imposters and called for his brothers in arms to slay the intruders. It was a gruesome battle against horrors from beyond the grave and Sukkamet proved to be a noteworthy adversary. Before the end came there were only two combatants left, Sukkamet himself and Dashiell. The rest of Sukkamet’s minions and brothers of the Conclave had fallen in battle along with the rest of the heroes. In the end, the heroes prevailed; Sukkamet and his allies were laid to rest for the last time.

Now that the battle was over, there was still the problem of getting home and the heroes had to continue their search of the compound with caution with Sukkamet’s mention of minions on the loose. The platform is located in the northeast quarter of the Dome, near the wall. It has the shape of a capital letter I with stairs on both sides. Each end has a row of pillars and two rows of pillars run the length of the platform connecting the two ends. Standing in the center of the platform between the two rows of pillars is the largest archway the adventurers have seen since they started this quest. The archway was covered in runes from front to back marking it as a portal arch. In addition, each pillar on the platform had its own set of markings. The arcane scholars in the party deduced the pillars were locations the portal would open up to. Unfortunately the heroes did not have the knowledge to activate the portal and use it to go home.

Close to the central dome, the Core of Masters, was another structure more damaged than many of the others down here. This structure was in the shape of a globe, completely spherical sitting upon a base structure. Inside the dome was hollow with levels upon levels of book shelves rising up the inside of the globe. Stairs and ladders grant passage to the different levels, but there was extensive damage to the structure. Already a piece of the top of the globe was broken off revealing the open sky or the roof of the Dome at least. The heroes went through the massive library but much of its knowledge was lost to time and damage. Still, there were many books, tomes, journals, papers, scrolls, and other written work available. A search revealed no new information on portals or the way to freedom, it appeared the structure was merely a historic vault. This did not appeal to the heroes and they moved on.

The adventurers found another strange structure south of the Core of Masters. It had an oval shape and much of it was built into the ground. Surrounding the bowl was a row of pillars. It gave the feeling of an arena, though there is very little flat surface at the bottom of the bowl. Once again the arcanists; Kebi Dabu, Dashiell, and Lysandros, identified powerful runes and arcane markings on the pillars. Each pillar corresponded with an energy type and Lysandros learned that the pillar would activate when the energy type was spoken. Later the heroes learned that the pillars would become a pillar of the associated energy type if the magical energy was used on the pillar while it was activated. Nothing more could be gleaned from this structure so the adventurers abandoned their research of the object.

The heroes still wander the underground compound. Is it an aimless wandering? Are these adventurers trapped here, doomed to the fate of Sukkamet and his brethren? The heroes had ample opportunities to learn about this place and possibly more, but their need for freedom clouded their curiosity. How long will they wander these vacant, dead streets? How long before the shadow and gloom changes them forever?

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